October 8

“Walk Through Fire” is Yola’s Best Track from her Newest Album

Yola is dubbed by many as the ‘Queen of Country Soul,’ and there is a good reason for that. Her debut album Walk Through Fire is a collection of great country songs that is quite new to the industry. Though country soul is not necessarily a new genre, it is now being capitalized by Yola and she is putting her stamp on it.

“Walk Through Fire” with Yola’s Music

The album contains a lot of great tracks but Yola’s “Walk Through Fire” stands out among the rest. The strong country influence is very evident in the first part of the song wherein you can hear a violin, steel guitar, and other staple country music instruments. The song, which is also the album title, draws a lot of inspiration from the singer’s experiences and you can quite hear the raw emotions through the song.

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The singer took country music to another level with her refreshing take on her love, life and labord. It is evident with what the critics are saying that Yola will be the next big thing in country music. The album contains other great songs like “Ride Out in the Country,” “Faraway Look,” “Shady Grove,” and “Deep Blue Dream” so be sure to check her out.

About the Song

Her album Walk Through Fire is derived from both her experiences in life and love. The singer shared that she had an abusive relationship in the past that she had to walk away from because it was getting toxic. That is the reason why the song has that kind of emotion since the British country singer actually had to walk away from a relationship that is hurting her.

One other reason why she wrote such a powerful song for the album was because their house got burned down. The track title was inspired from a literal experience of waking through fire from a burning house. An experience like this can surely be instrumental when you want to write a song and let people know about your life.

Listen to the song “Walk Through Fire” here:



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