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Merle Haggard’s “Family Bible”: The Reminder To Count Our Blessings

Merle Haggard

We have different ways to connect with God. Some would go to church every Sunday, and some would reach out their prayers every night. The simplest way would be sitting on your couch, take a moment, and read the bible.

The bible does not only teach you about God but also it will enlighten you about good doings in life. Also, the Bible will teach you lessons that scientific books cannot. Most of all, the Bible will be your reminder to count your blessings every single day.

Merle Haggard’s rendition of The “Family Bible” is one of the best. His voice matched every word and lyric. Indeed, he outpoured his whole being singing the song. With this, kindly lend your ears for it will remind us all about the Bible, memory, and the blessings.

Family Bible…

Willie Nelson is the songwriter behind the words and lyrics of the “Family Bible.” In 1957, Nelson began writing the song while he works as a disc jockey KVAN, in Vancouver, Washington. Then, he sold the song to Paul Buskirk due to financial issues.

Buskirk, on the other hand, took the song to Claude Gray which was a success. In fact, he placed the song at No.7 on the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart. Then, in 1971, Nelson got to record his composition under his album “Yesterday’s Wine.” Also, Nelson always uses the song in his performances.

The Story…

Nelson’s inspiration for the song was his grandmother, Nancy Elizabeth Smothers. His grandmother would always sing “Rock of Ages” and still maintain her routine to read the bible after supper. Later, Nelson played the demo for Mae Boren Axton. Axton advised him to move to Nashville and focus on his songwriting career. Nelson took the advice and moved. He then became the most successful and credible country artists in the industry.

The Lyrics…

There’s a family Bible on the table

Each page is torn and hard to read

But the family Bible on the table

Will ever be my key to memories

At the end of day when work was over

And when the evening meal was done

Dad would read to us from the family Bible

And we’d count our many blessings, one by one

I can see us sitting round the table

When from the family Bible dad would read

I can hear my mother softly singing

Rock of ages

Rock of ages cleft for me

Now this old world

Of ours is full of trouble

And this old world would also better be

If we’d found more Bibles on the tables

And mothers singing rock of ages, cleft for me

I can see us sitting round the table

When from the family Bible dad would read

I can hear my mother softly singing

Rock of ages cleft for me

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