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The Meaning Behind George Strait ‘The Man in Love with You’

We all know if George Strait releases a song, there is no doubt it’s gonna be a hit. And once again, the renowned country music artist didn’t let his fans down when he released his single called “The Man In Love With You” for his album Easy Come Easy Go back in 1994.

And we all know when a song is about love, people instantly connect to it in a snap. That’s maybe why the song also instantly became one of George Strait’s hit songs, landing at no. 4 on the US charts and no. 2 in Canada.

The song was written by two amazing songwriters, Steve Dorff and Gary Harju. Aside from the fact that the song’s lyrics were written by great artists themselves, we can’t also deny the fact that George Strait‘s vocals really had a great impact on the song’s message portrayal. 

That’s why there is no doubt that the song is one of the most popular country songs ever produced. But, have you ever wondered what is actually the meaning behind the song? If you did, you’re lucky since we have the answer.

Meaning Behind the Song 

What’s known to be one of the greatest hit songs in country music history. ‘The Man in Love with You’ is simply a song about a man who is voicing out his true feelings to the lover he dearly admires.

In the song, each emotion was conveyed through the lyrics in the most artistic way possible. It was stated that if someone is in love, they may not be as perfect as someone expects or as dreamy as someone wishes. 

But, at the end of the day, a man who’s really in love with you would go through lengths and challenges just to make you feel special because that’s what a man in love with you would do.

So, if you want to add a new song to your playlist, then you might want to check out George Strait’s “The Man in Love with You.” You may view it down below.


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