March 18

Let’s Groove and Move to the Boot Scootin Boogie Line Dance

Get your groove on with Boot Scootin Boogie Line Dance. This line dance was choreographed by Bill Bader to the tune of Boot Scootin’ Boogie recorded by the band Asleep at the Wheel in 1990 for their album Keepin’ Me Up Nights. The song was about a hardworking man who liked to unwind and dance in his favorite honky-tonk bar. 

The song was a natural fit for a good dance, so he came up with some moves and started teaching the dance in Vancouver. The dance became popular in the area, which was then dubbed the Vancouver Boogie. Eventually, the dance began to spread to the US and became a bar favorite even for those who don’t really specialize in country music. 

The song was originally written by Ronnie Dunn before he formed a duo with Kix Brooks known as Brooks & Dunn. The duo released their version of the song in 1991 for their debut album Brand New Man sparking renewed interest in line dancing. It became such a hit that it marked their first dent on the US Billboard Hot 100 ranking at number 50. It also became their fourth single release as well as fourth consecutive number 1 on the Billboard Hot Country Singles Chart. 

The music video was directed by Michael Merriman, which featured various people dancing to the famous choreography at the Tulsa City Limits nightclub in Oklahoma, which became a big hit on CMT. The video has amassed over 75 million views since it was uploaded in 2009. And then in 1993, they released a dance mix of the song for their album Hard Workin’ Man. People had mixed reactions over the dance mix but it was still as enjoyable as the original. It’s still hard not to groove when the music starts to play. 

In 2001, the movie Kevin Of The North used the Boot Scootin Boogie Line Dance in one dance scene featuring the original choreographer Bill Bader. You can learn the dance in the video below. 


Brooks & Dunn

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