July 27

Walker Hayes’ “You Broke Up With Me” And The Fascinating Story Behind It

In 2017, Walker Hayes’ “You Broke Up With Me” finally landed on Top Ten – twelve years after moving to Nashville, hoping to get in the country music business.

The song was released as the first single off his album, Boom, which was also his major-label debut for Monument Records. It reached No. 9 on Billboard’s Hot Country Songs chart while also peaking at No. 62 on Billboard Hot 100.

Written by Walker Hayes with Thomas Archer and Kylie Sackley, “You Broke Up With Me” tells the tale of a newly-dumped guy who bumped into his ex-girlfriend in the middle of a party. Much to his surprise, she approached him, wanting to make amends. But he’s got enough, so he rejected her by telling her how he’s having a great time without her. 

While it seems like one of Walker Hayes’ songs about a sappy breakup – it’s actually not the real story. Hayes revealed that the song is actually about Nashville.

Story Behind The Song

Hayes describes “You Broke Up With Me” as “a shout out to some people who fell off the map.”

After losing his contract with Capitol Records, Hayes did not only find his musical dreams to be fading away – but some friends in the process as well. He’s been in Nashville for over a decade at that time, and he already had several experiences of gaining a deal and losing them. So, he pretty much knows what it’s like to be in demand with everyone wanting to team up with you. At the same time, he has the first-hand experience of what it’s like when nobody is accepting your call.

But then, Hayes noted how these people started showing up again when Shane McAnally signed him to Monument Records. He thought to himself, “Hey, ya’ll broke up with me.” 

“Well, it definitely feels good to see these people around and think, y’all missed out,” the singer added.

You can listen to “You Broke Up With Me” by Walker Hayes in the video below.


Walker Hayes

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