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Country Breakup Songs: Top Ten Heartbreak Songs

There’s nothing more heartbreaking than country breakup songs because these ballads just hit you in all the right places packed with all the emotions. From the grief of losing a lover to the anger and revenge up to the point of acceptance and moving on, these country heartbreaking songs got you covered. There’s a song for everything you feel. 

So we compiled 25 iconic country songs about heartbreak that you won’t be able to resist singing along to. So get that glass of wine or whatever you’re drinking and some tissues for the tears. 

1. I Will Always Love You by Dolly Parton

Popularized by Whitney Houston in 1992,  this song strikes a chord whenever you’d hear it. Probably because there’s nothing even more heartbreaking than walking out of a relationship still in love with the other one, and the powerful performances of both Dolly and Whitney belting out the iconic promise of always loving that person will definitely make you emotional. 

2. Give It Away by George Strait

This song was Strait’s record-breaking song and one of his most heartbreaking ones as well. It’s a song about a relationship that ended on a bitter note, with the girl wanting nothing to remind her about them at all. And on the side, a man who tried but couldn’t let go and so decides to keep all the memories.

3. Let Me Let Go by Faith Hill & Vince Gill

Falling out of love is just so painful, especially if the other one is still not ready to let go. This song is sung by Faith Hill and backed in vocals by Vince Gill just really poured out all of the emotions of not being able to move on. They just nailed every single lyric and feel. 

4. Like We Never Loved At All by Tim McGraw & Faith Hill

This country music power couple has been in love for almost 25 years now and interestingly, they have also produced the saddest country songs. This song was about questioning how someone could let go like there was no love at all. Let’s say it in the chorus – that hurts. 

5. White Horse by Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift always had a reputation for writing songs about her relationships. And her storytelling here in White Horse about her naivety and losing herself before realizing that he wasn’t the one for her was both heartbreaking and empowering. The takeaway: Know your worth is beyond just an apology and a white horse.

6. What Hurts The Most by Rascal Flatts 

Every line in this song just gets all the people who got their hearts broken. What Hurts The Most is one of the country songs about a broken heart that will always remind you that there are worse things than the breakup itself, and it’s not something you can prepare for.

7. Space Cowboy by Kacey Musgraves 

Letting go and accepting that things will never be like before is one of the most heart-wrenching yet the kindest things you could ever do for yourself. And Kacey Musgraves really delivered on that message in the way she sang it so calmly. 

8. Break Up In A Small Town by Sam Hunt

Break Up In A Small Town is one of the songs that has been consistent on every list. Inspired by his own love story, this song is about a man hurting and struggling as he sees his ex moving on because they live in a small town. Living through your pain over and over again is always painful, probably even worse than the breakup. 

9. Before He Cheats by Carrie Underwood

Carrie Underwood has a lot of breakup songs in her catalogue, but Before He Cheats is just too iconic. Filled with just the well-deserved amount of anger, this song is a scorcher revenge song. This song is for all those hearts that have been trampled on. 

10. Last Kiss by Taylor Swift

Like Carrie, Taylor also has a lot of breakup songs, but this is probably one of her most vulnerable ones. Not to mention the vivid imagery she painted with her lyrics. It was just a sad, unexpected goodbye to all the memories. 

Here are more country breakup songs to add to your playlist:

Go and let your broken heart sing it all out!


Country Breakup Songs

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