August 29

Meet Your Emotions in “Crazyland” by Eric Church

Eric Church’s newest single “Crazyland” took on a new route as he gave human emotions with names and man-like thinking capabilities.

Church is giving us tiny bits of what to expect from his up and coming seventh album that is yet to be announced. On Friday, Church released a single that could likely draw a comparison to his 2015 “Kill a Word.” “Crazyland” personifies human emotions that are usually evident in a person who is in a troublesome state of mind. 

Emotions Came Alive

Church’s new track “Crazyland” was a collaborative effort with Michael Heeney and Luke Laird who is also preparing to release his debut album that will be available next month. The single also featured his long time touring vocalists Joanna Cotten. 

With help from these award-winning writers, Church made human emotions like sadness and regret, and troublesome state of mind like “I told you so” sound like real persons that you could meet and talk to in a bar. All these describe a man’s emotional and mental state after a devastating loss when the woman he loves the most decides to leave.

It Started with a Dream

This creative song also came in a very creative way for Eric Church. He said that the song’s chorus came to him originally as a dream. Remembering what he dreamt about, he immediately wrote it after waking up. Church said that it was one of the moments when he was in a creative state that he could pen a song just out of the blue.

It’s the Third!

“Crazyland” is the third song that was released ahead of Church’s 7th studio album. This followed “Stick That in Your Country Song,” which dealt with the lack of action from Nashville in addressing social issues. Church has also released “Bad Mother Trucker” which revolves around a female 18-wheeler driver.

The said three songs have been a revelation for Church’s upcoming album release which is set to follow his 2018 “Desperate Man.” Aside from studio released teasers, Church also released “Never Break Heart,” “Jenny,” and the spoken-word “Through My Ray-Bans.”  

Today, Eric Church’s album is yet to be announced in detail. Church also has released a statement that he would not be touring again unless everything is back on its normal state. Fortunately, Church doesn’t have a full tour this year aside from a few that have been moved from spring to fall.


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