August 28

Award-Winning Songwriter Luke Laird Set to Release His Own Album, “Music Row”

Luke Laird is ready to take his skills to a higher level. The highly regarded songwriter is ready to step into the spotlight for his debut album, Music Row.

Laird is the brain behind Grammy award-winning singles for Kacey Musgraves, “Space Cowboy,Eric Church’s “Talladega,” and Miranda Lambert’s “Baggage Claim.” Laird has also co-produced Musgraves’  first two albums and co-written 24 number one country singles over his career and counting.

In 2017, Laird won the CMA Triple Play Award and has recently become the host of a radio program on Apple Music, “Country Replay Radio.”

Luke Laird in Music City

Music Row is a story song that referenced the top landmarks in Nashville.

Luke Laird’s debut album will feature 10 songs including its title track that will be released this week. Inspired by the legendary “Music Row” landmark in Nashville, the album will take you to the most sought places in the music city. From the priced and tourist-friendly motel, The Fiddler’s Inn to the historic Ernest Tubb’s Record Shop, then to the old homes on the 16th Avenue, and of course, the Bluebird Cafe. All but one of the ten songs on the list was written by Luke Laird himself. He co-wrote “Branch On The Tree” with Lori McKenna and Barry Dean.

Reflecting on the first day he arrived in Nashville, Laird has instantly fallen in love with the city. The songs that Liard produced and have included in his debut album are personal collections of his journey from his roots in Pennsylvania all the way to Nashville and now as he that he’s releasing his debut album.

Laird’s a fan of diverse songs, but for his debut album, he did not want to just pick random songs and throw them into one collection and call it an album. He wanted to tell his story as a songwriter who invites those who would listen to it to feel his journey through the years.

Check Music Row’s Track Listing:

Music Row
Good Friends
Hangin’ Out
That’s Why I Don’t Drink Anymore
Why I Am Who I Am
Leaves on the Ground
Jake and Mack
One More Divorce
Branch On The Tree
Country Music Will Never Die

If Luke Laird’s talents and skills, as seen on the grammy-winning singles he wrote, serve as proof on the potential of “Music Row,” it’s a debut album you would definitely not want to miss.


Luke Laird

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