April 25

Faith Hill Wants to Break Free in Her Song “Let Me Let Go”

Steve Diamond and Dennis Morgan were the people behind this Faith Hill song. The song was featured on the movie Message in a Bottle for its message.

Vince Gill, a country music icon, also had a contribution as a background vocal in the song.

Let us dig deeper into what the whole the song is all about.

faith hill
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Faith Hill’s “Let Me Let Go” and What It’s All About

The song “Let Me Let go” was under the singer’s album Faith. Written originally for people trying to forget a former loved one, the song became an anthem for letting go of the bad things in our life.

Morgan, one of the songwriter said this:

“Something interesting with the song is, we had an idea what the song was about when we were writing it- clearly about a former relationship. But I’ve had people come up to me and tell me they related it to their battle with alcohol and drugs. That was a real interesting perspective- somebody taking lyrics how we did not intend it.”

It is an interesting part of music. Songwriters have an original intent in a song but we listeners interpret it in our own way. Depending on the experience of the audience, we relate to it differently as compared to others.

That is the magical part of music. The message, feelings, and emotions it brings to the listener are very insightful and this song is definitely bringing that.

Lyrics Breakdown

In an interview with the Boot, Diamond explained the lyrical content of the song and he said:

“I love songs where the singer is deluding themselves, saying something that the listener knows isn’t true. In this song, the singer basically knows the object of the song doesn’t have the power to let them let go. It’s really up to the singer, but the singer is pretending that the power is with the other person they were formerly in love with.”

faith hill
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Isn’t that the case most of the time? We subject ourselves in an abusive relationship because we are afraid of being alone. So we’d rather stay with someone even if it is not healthy anymore.

But the song wanted to remind the listeners that you have the choice. You have the power to find your own path and not rely on somebody.

You just have to have a leap of Faith (as Faith Hill’s Album Title) and trust the Lord will be by your side no matter what.

Listen to the song here:


faith hill

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