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Listen to George Strait and Willie Nelson’s One of A Kind Collab


George Strait and Willie Nelson working together is a dream come true for every country music fan. Yes, these two legends present us with a new song they worked on together and y’ all are gonna love it.

willie nelson george strait sing one with willie
Photo Credit: (L-R) Willie Nelson and George Strait/ jambase.com

“Sing One With Willie” by George Strait and Willie Nelson

“Sing One With Willie” was one of the songs from his album. He posted a studio version before the grand release of his Honky Tonk Time Machine album on March 29. This one of a kind duet of Nelson and Strait made fans go crazy.

The song was written by Strait, Nelson, Bubba Strait, and Buddy Cannon. This song was first heard by fans on a tribute concert to Nelson last January 12. The performance of these two Texan natives is so amazing you can’t contain how happy you are that they have decided to work together.

Inside the Song

In Strait’s song, he reflects on his life as a country singer. He has already worked with a lot of country legends. The experiences he had with them were incredible but, there’s still one more country singer he wanted to collaborate with.

I ain’t never got to sing one with Willie
And I’ve held it inside long enough
Now I ain’t too proud, I’m gonna shout it out loud
I ain’t never got to sing one with Willie

It was only during the third verse when we hear Nelson’s voice. In his part of the song, he shared the struggle of having a busy schedule like Strait. Therefore, the two can’t set a certain time for them to work together. Finally, they did, and they knew that everyone would certainly love it.

We’ve traveled back and forth
Up and down all the highways
Wherever our big buses can go
But I think that it’s great
To finally sing one with Strait
And our friends will all love it, I know

Here’s the studio version of “Sing One with Willie.”

What do you think of these two legends’ latest single? Did you like it? We certainly enjoyed the honesty of the words and the nostalgic vibes it gives us. That is what we call real country music.


George Strait, Sing One With Willie, Willie Nelson

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