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“Space Cowboy”: A Heartbreaking Ballad by Kacey Musgraves

kacey musgraves space cowboys

Last March 2018, Kacey Musgraves released her third top-performing album Golden Hour. It was a whole new transformation for Musgraves, which was received positively by her fans and the critics. Golden Hour contains 13 tracks which were all co-written by Musgraves.

“Space Cowboy” Chart Performance

One of the tracks in the album that is performing well on the charts is “Space Cowboy.” It is a heartbreaking ballad written by Kacey Musgraves, Luke Laird, and Shane McAnally. The song peaks at the US Billboard Hot Country Songs at No. 30 and spends a total of 6 weeks on the chart. Furthermore, “Space Cowboy” peaks at No. 11 on the US Billboard Country Digital Song Sales chart, while the album reaches the No. 1 spot on the US Billboard Top Country Albums.

The Song’s Content

Kacey Musgraves wrote a song about a woman who is finally getting over her past lover. The character gave her lover the freedom to leave and not to go after him because there is no point in making things work if there’s nothing left. The word cowboy was used by Kacey to pertain to her ex-lover.

The Story Behind the Song

Musgraves’ inspiration for the song came one day to her when she was in the barn watching a horse gallop around when suddenly her teacher told her to move away. She assured her teacher that the gates were closed, but her teacher said,

“When they wanna go they will go, there ain’t no point in even shutting the gate.”

Her teacher’s words stuck on her head, therefore she wrote it down and came up with the song “Space Cowboy.” She even incorporated the words of her teacher in the lyrics.

“When a horse want to run, ain’t no sense in closing the gate.”

The Music Video

She released a music video last April 2018. Kacey played the main character in the video. She was alone in the house and reminiscing conversations, arguments and moments she had with her past lover. All throughout, you can only see the bad things that happened to Kacey in the relationship. The video only shows the man’s silhouette and him riding away on a horse.

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