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15-Year-Old Girl Pays Tribute To a Family Friend and Fallen Soldier With A Song “Soldier’s Light” 

15-Year-Old Girl Sings “Soldier’s Light” In Military Tribute To Fallen Soldier

Grab your tissues and prepare to sob your heart out as you listen to a fifteen-year-old Rylee Preston offering a special tribute to a family friend and soldier who fought and died fighting for our country.

According to Rylee’s father, Jay Preston, his daughter witnessed how upset he was when he found out that his friend had lost his son. It was Army SPC. Justin Rollins, who died from a roadside bomb in 2007 while serving in Operation Iraqi Freedom.

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“I could just tell in my dad’s voice how upset he was about it, because he was feeling bad for his friend,” Rylee revealed. “He said he could only imagine how it would be to lose me.”

So, She Created A Song In Justin Rollins’ Memory

Rylee Preston knew there’s no better way to soothe an aching soul than a powerful song. So, she and her father traveled to California to record this poignant military tribute ballad, “Soldier’s Light,” in memory of Army SPC. Justin Rollins and the many American military men and women who sacrificed their lives in exchange for our freedom.

All of the proceeds from the song, which can be streamed on iTunes and other platforms, will be used in building a memorial where there will be a light that will forever be lit in remembrance and honor of the ones who have fallen while serving the country.

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“Soldier’s Light” comes with a music video that will pull at your heartstrings the same way the song does. In the short clip, you will see how the death of one soldier affects everyone that’s left behind. Truly, there can be no greater tribute to any soldier. So, make sure you listen to Rylee Preston’s “Soldier’s Light” in the video below – it’s one of those that needs to be heard.