August 24, 2020

Luke Bryan and Caroline Boyer’s 8 Seconds to Forever

Luke Bryan and Caroline Boyer have now been married for 14 years. With the busy travel schedule and a huge family, you could be wondering how Luke and Caroline managed to keep their marriage strong.

Back when Luke Bryan was a senior at Georgia Southern University, he landed his eyes on the then a freshman, Caroline Boyer.  They met at a small bar named “Dingus Magee”. It took him only a few seconds to recognize that she was the girl he’d like to grow old with. 

The First 8 Seconds

Bryan remembered the first time he saw Caroline. He said that it was one of those moments when a man asks himself of ways on how to approach a woman. The country singer said that before he made his first move, he had to get drunk just to be at ease to make his move.

“That Girl”

Believe it or not, it was a “terrifying” moment for Caroline because it was her first time to be in a bar. Good thing, Bryan’s “gentlemanly charm” won her heart. As they started to hang out as friends, Bryan was such a gentleman that Caroline had to make the first move. This time, she kissed him first. Soon, after their second kiss, the two were inseparable.

A Cup of Morning Coffee in the Past 14 Years  

 Luke Bryan and Caroline Boyer are just like other couples. They also have their ups and downs but managed to navigate their way through anything that comes their way. The secret of their more than a decade marriage was their morning  coffee talks. 

“It is my favourite time of the day,” said Luke. It’s their uninterrupted 30-minute-talk with just them around.

More Fun Facts 

Here are some facts that you probably do not know about Luke Bryan and Caroline Boyer.

  1. ‘Sorority Girl’  was inspired by Caroline since she is an alumna of Alpha Delta Pi.
  2. Caroline’s level-headed and stable trait helps Luke to continually be successful. 
  3. Both Luke and Caroline love to go to the local movie theatre for their date time.
  4. The couple quotes “Can’t Get You Off My Mind,” a Lenny Kravitz classic, as their “theme song” since college.

5. “To the Moon and Back” was Bryan’s first love song for his wife. 


Caroline Boyer, Luke Bryan

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