January 24

A Love Like No Other in “From Here to the Moon and Back”

Well, Randy Travis said his love’s got to be deeper than a holler. Seems like Dolly Parton may have found hers, too.

From the movie soundtrack of “Joyful Noise,” here’s a ballad you’d want to keep playing.

Dolly & Kris in “From Here to the Moon and Back”

Who else loved this scene? Dolly Parton is as sweet and soulful as always in her delivery. I wish Kris Kristofferson sang more parts, though. Regardless, they were a beautiful sight in their dancing with that lover’s moon hovering over them.

Song Background

That of Dolly Parton and Kris Kristofferson was the original. Dolly also had a version recorded with Willie Nelson. They appeared on Dolly Parton’s 2014 album, Blue Smoke, and Willie Nelson’s 2013 album, To All the Girls.

Song’s Anatomy

To fill this song with metaphorical phrasing is to give emphasis to the sincerity of the narrator’s love. Time and again, hopeless romantic fans loved it.

Added to its charisma, is on thanking God for the person brought to be loved. It’s a line that to some, may just be seen trivial. Considering Dolly as a Christian though, the inclusion and acknowledgment of God cannot be understated. He does not just unite two hearts together. He has to remain at the center of a relationship for it to go well.

A Love Song for Keeps

For us who deem love sacred, From Here to the Moon and Back will suit our tastes. It’s refreshing and far from the distasteful descriptions that love songs today have become. It pointed two of the most important defining characteristics of love. Those are dependability and faithfulness.

The main highlight, of course, is the assurance given. Hence, it’s title. Hoping to hear more of this kind of music.


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