November 20

‘Christmas Will Be Different This Year’ Marks All the Changes in Gary LeVox’s Life in 2020

With subtle hints from Rascal Flatts’ lead singer Gary LeVox, many speculate that he will soon be releasing a solo country album, and one of the lead traces for this is his recent dropping of ‘Christmas Will Be Different This Year’ last Friday (November 13).

Keeping the Essence of Christmas

The holiday original was written by Gary LeVox with the help of Natalie Hemby and songwriter Stephan Moccio who also had a performance of the same track on piano. The balladic appeal resulted in a smooth and sentimental mood that really describes how the world feels this 2020 after going through a multi-layered rough season at the entry of the infamous COVID-19. Indeed, ‘Christmas Will Be Different This Year’ but LeVox prays for the essence to remain the same.

The fact is, even though Christmas is not here yet, we can’t help comparing it to last year when everything is quite all right. LeVox explains through his song that the way he celebrates Christmas will be the same; sending letters and giving presents, but not being able to meet share the dinner table and the fireplace with other people he loves makes him emotional. Helpless but with understanding, he accepts the situation with obvious sadness and will just ‘look for the magic in it anyway’.

Rascal Flatts Steps Down the Stage

Early this year, the Rascal Flatts announced how they plan to part ways right after celebrating their 20th year anniversary and this single is the first testament of it. Joe Don Rooney decided to focus on songwriting while Jay DeMarcus gave all his time towards his new record label, Red Street Records, and his family starring in a Netflix show. The trio, together with their fans, inevitably wished for a better ending than a low-key goodbye.

But since its still 2020, their group released their final EP ‘How They Remember You’ which marked as one of the greatest hits this year.

As for Gary LeVox, he forces himself to move on, too, and to keep making music. Career-wise, he explained how it’s the best for them individually. Sometimes, they get into each other’s nerves while producing music due to their differing opinions. Still, LeVox holds himself responsible and was also entrusted to continue singing for the band.


Gary LeVox, Rascal Flatts

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