September 25

Rascal Flatts Bring You Their 20 Years of Greatest Hits

2020 marks the 2nd decade since the trio Rascal Flatts have started making music and will also mark an end to 2 decades after a final show.

After 20 years of commercial success, Rascal Flatts will be calling it quits, but they won’t go away without a bang. The country trio will be having a two-part farewell package, one will be their last live performance while the other one will be their new greatest hits package titled, “Flatts the Greatest Hits.” This will be a compilation of the13 timeless hits alongside 7 fan-favorite songs throughout their 20-year history.

Flatts the Greatest Hits

True country music fans sure have their own Rascal Flatts favorite and have probably been a part of our lives. The same is true for Rascal Flatts member, Joe Don Rooney who said that strange as it may sound, they, themselves, are fans of their own music.

The Rascal Flatts members have grown with the songs as they went along with their journey in life. Let us take for example the 2006 ballad “My Wish.” The power ballad revolved around the theme of describing the life one hopes to give for someone he or she likes.

14 years ago, prior to their single’s debut, singer Gary LeVox was the only one who had a family. Now both co-singer Rooney and bassist Jay DeMarcus have their own respective families and are dads themselves. For Rooney and DeMarcus. the song’s meaning has totally changed from their unmarried years and now that they, themselves, are fathers and husbands.

Growing with their Songs

For 20 years, Rascal Flatts has grown as one of the most popular groups in country music. And as they bid farewell to the music scene, “Flatts the Greatest Hits,” their farewell album, consists of the songs that they have sung over the years and it stood as a testimony to how their life went on and revolved.

For the past decades, the Rascal Flatts members have their own personal favorites. For singer Dan Rooney,  “Life is a Highway” was one of his personal bests, the country remake of the ‘90s rock song that boosted the work of the trio. For Rooney, the song is the complete embodiment of what Rascal Flatts has done over the years, all the touring and all of their beloved fans.

Bassist DeMarcus has his own favorite, as well. “Stand” was one of the songs he likes the most as they have seen people and heard stories who was inspired by the song. For co-singer LeVox, “I’m Movin’ On” is his personal favorite. The song helped him realize that the songs they produce are bigger than the artists themselves.


Rascal Flatts

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