August 17

Tim McGraw Honors Elvis Presley on His 43rd Death Anniversary

It’s a no brainer that deep inside our favorite country artists are die-hard fans of other artists’ music, too. And whether the stars they admire still live or have already passed away, the respect they pay for them is never unwavering.

Picking which favorite artist they would want to hang out with is among the questions randomly thrown at our present country artists, and so it seemed. Tim McGraw, without batting an eye, would choose to spend time with the King of Rock ‘n Roll. In commemoration of his 43rd death anniversary in 1997, Tim McGraw honors Elvis Presley through an Instagram post.

“He was cool,” Tim McGraw expressed in awe as he captions his black and white caption of Elvis’ picture.

“I’m often asked who I’d like to hang out with living or passed…and there’s no question…The King.” McGraw posted on his account.

If the Unfortunate Didn’t Happen

Imagine if Presley wasn’t found unconscious inside his bathroom in Memphis, Graceland when he was 42. He would probably be double his age now. He’d be among other music greats who, from his golden age, would be celebrating every January. But since the unfortunate was inevitable, all Presley fans can now do to pay respects is by visiting his home in Graceland, annually celebrating the life he’s shared with us during his reign and prime as the King of Rock ‘n Roll. But as the world faces a health emergency and travel restrictions are in effect, to do candlelight vigil for him is somehow on the impossible as only 700 people are allowed to flock together at the King’s home.

A Fan for a Superstar

Tim McGraw honors Elvis Presley’s contribution to country music through his social media influence. While he and Presley possess a similar cool demeanor as an artist, McGraw said that should Presley had been alive and well during these times, he probably wouldn’t mind hanging out with McGraw.

Unlike his idol, McGraw has been blessed with long life here on earth, enjoying his golden years as he reaches 53. He still looks like he’s in his prime and shows no signs that he’d be stopping nor slowing down in his career anytime soon. Remarkably, whether this may be a coincidence or not, his upcoming 2020 album release ‘Here on Earth’ subliminally shows how thankful he is for all the years he’s had and for being involved in the music industry.


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