July 14

Tim McGraw’s “Here On Earth” Will Be Out this August

For almost five years, country superstar Tim McGraw has not released a solo album. This year, he decided to break the silence and announced the release of a new single album, “Here on Earth.”

McGraw’s album followed the successful release of his title track this month. It would also include 15 more tracks including “I Called Mama” which was released last May. Immediately after its release, the song became a number one hit. 

An Album About Shared Human Experiences

Given that 2020 has not been a kind year for the most of us, with all the turmoil that the entire world has faced this far, everyone needs something that could remind us of what life is. That’s what makes the release of “Here on Earth” well-timed.

Accompanied by the best of country music and the precious gift of life, the songs can’t get anything more special. The most awaited album of Tim McGraw will be a collection of lyrical stories that everyone can relate to. It goes from meeting someone for the first time, the birth of a child, and other milestones. McGraw states, too, that the album would not just focus on describing what life is like to numerous people, but would also touch on the essence of life. 

Tim McGraw first opened up about an upcoming album last September which he said was on the process of completion. This was released before he changed his label. Following the upcoming release, McGraw has also planned to spend his summer for “Here on Earth” tour but was unfortunately canceled due to the restrictions brought by the pandemic.

After the release of his 2015 album, “Damn Country Music” and the duet album that he released with his wife Faith Hill in 2017, here’s come another promising set. “Here On Earth” will definitely be the thing we need to boost and recharge ourselves.

Watch the music video of the album’s title track “Here On Earth”

Supporting a Fundraiser

In between family life, recording new songs, and entertaining fans through social media, Tim McGraw and has also been active in responding to the corona crisis. He and wife Faith Hill, joined by other country stars, participated in the virtual fundraising concert, Feed the Front Line.

His daughter, Maggie, is also active in the non-profit work and the one assigned to oversee it in Nashville.

“It’s a really great project. I’m really proud of her. She’s doing great stuff.”


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