November 4

“Phone In Heaven” by Mike Manuel is Remarkable

Mike Manuel sings a song that expresses how much he longs for his mom. In the song, he is pleading God to put her mom on the line so he can hear her sweet voice and to tell her how much he loves her. It reached over 110 Million Social Media Views. Let us get to know more about the singer behind this song.

Mike Manuel, Phone In Heaven, Mother

Mike Manuel

Mike was born in Houston Texas. His father once performed on the same show where Elvis Presley starred.

In 1971, Manuel’s family made a commitment of faith to Christ at a little country church in Shepherd, Texas. It was the turning point in his life that helped shape his music.

He traveled with his brothers as The Manuel Family Band. Three of their singles reached the Singing News Top 40 and No.1 in the Christian Country and Country Gospel Charts. They sang original Inspirational Country music in churches across the country and several foreign countries.

In 1996, Mike Manuel moved to Nashville and began a solo career. He worked hard to focus on his music and got fifteen No.1 Christian Country Radio Singles and over 20 awards from various music organizations including the Country Gospel Music Association’s 1998 and 1999 National Entertainer of the Year, the 1998 National Songwriter of the Year and the 1999 Christian Country Music Association’s Male Vocalist of the Year.

In 2006 he was a featured performer on the ICM Awards Show where he got the Songwriter of the Year award and in 2007 he took home “Song of the Year” and “Songwriter of the Year.”

Mike Manuel, Phone In Heaven, Mother

“Phone In Heaven”

The song is included in his album Buildin’ a Better Country. The song went viral on social media as it reached over 110 Million views.

The song’s lyrics speak the desire of a man to hear his mother’s voice who is in heaven. The man left a message for his mom in his prayer. He told her that he loves her and is always in his thought.

Mike Manuel, Phone In Heaven, Mother

The original lyrics were accompanied by his warm and expressive vocals making it stronger in its appeal to the listeners.

Our moms are always there for us no matter what age we are. Their infinite love for their children is beyond words. In return, we should always cherish them and show them our love.

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Mike Manuel

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