August 24

Dolly Parton Breathes New Life on ‘Mary Did You Know’

Hang that mistletoe and jingle those bells as Dolly Parton treats us with a mid-year Christmas tune as she releases her very own rendition of Michael English’s ‘Mary Did You Know’.

The Usual Order But with a Twist

Dolly Parton is known for her trademark holiday and faith-based classics. You guessed it, this rendition is not far from her style but with an extra twist; a choir that brings her cover to new heights, adding an angelic tune to the guitar accompaniment mixed with a gentle acoustic melody brought by the piano.

Before you get excited, don’t forget that Dolly Parton is still yet to come to bring harmony among the instruments and choir. She’ll surely give us that Christmas feel type of goosebumps.

The music itself is a state-of-an-art, a peaceful introduction transitioning to a harmonic chorus and spoiler alert, a cinematic and dramatic ending enough to even bring a bouncer to his tears. But among the songs she could cover, why ‘Mary Did You Know’?

Parton explained in a press release that the appeal of the song has greatly struck her. She says that it’s one of the greatest, sweetest and well-written songs that she could get an opportunity to sing on, and she’s doing it. She shared that during the recording session, she got very emotional as the song depicts the perfect meaning of Christmas. This makes her proud of the opportunity to make it part of her album which is bound for release later this year.

Bringing Joy to the Melancholic Quarantine Life

‘Holly Dolly Christmas’ was initially planned to be released way back in 2017. But all the years that came before that, there was always a setback be it the music for a movie or something else .

Although she’s known to be more of a holiday-themed artist, this will only be the next Christmas themed album Parton will release since her 1990’s ‘Home For Christmas’. So expect this album to be a banger as it includes collaboration projects together with other artists featuring Dolly’s goddaughter Miley Cyrus for ‘Christmas Is’ and Billy Ray Cyrus on ‘Christmas Where We Are’. 

And wait, there is more! Parton also teams up with Willie Nelson and Michael Buble for ‘Pretty Paper’ and ‘Cuddle Up, Cozy Down Christmas’. Aside from ‘Mary Did You Know’ she coined in covers for ‘Holly Jolly Christmas’ and ‘All I want for Christmas Is You’.

The release of ‘Holly Dolly Christmas’ is bound on October 2 and it will be unstoppable due to Dolly Parton’s eagerness to bring joy in everyone’s quarantine life.


Dolly Parton

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