January 26

Mind- Blowing Acapella Rendition of “Mary Did You Know”

This is a follow-up article in appreciation for the warm reception of the Gaither Vocal Band particularly Mark Lowry. Most of us are already aware that he penned the words of that Christmas classic, “Mary Did You Know.” It was initially meant for a Christmas program he was asked to write back in 1984. Seven years later, his friend Buddy Green added melody to it.

The tune was so well-loved that it has been recorded for more than four hundred times. Transcending all music genres, various artists were instantly captivated that they put it in records. To name a few, we have Reba McEntire, Clay Aiken, Michael English, Kenny Rogers with Wynona Judd, and the Pentatonix. Lowry also had his version recorded and would oftentimes perform it live with The Gaither Vocal Band.

The following pick, though, was to be with the Octave Singing Group.

Watching every second of the clip is breathtaking, I tell you.

Mark Lowry & Octave in “Mary Did You Know”

Song’s Anatomy

Two words. Delightfully conversational.

Instead of the narrator addressing its listeners, the subject of the song is the audience herself. As seen in Mark Lowry’s poem, the questions aren’t random. They’ve got depth. For each, Mark Lowry skillfully presented a contrast between Mary’s little baby and the majestic king he will one day become.


More than appreciating the lyrics and melody of “Mary Did You Know,” perhaps we meditate on its essence. We acknowledge as factual those details we read in the Bible about Jesus, but did we truly know him? Perhaps we can ask ourselves the same questions in the song.

Did we know that the Lord we oftentimes take for granted is the same Lord who put the universe into existence? Did we know that he who we call our friend has walked on water, calmed a storm, healed all types of illnesses and fed a multitude?


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