June 20

Anne Murray, the “Snowbird” Singer, Celebrates Her 74th Birthday

It is believed that the Canadian country singer Anne Murray was the one who paved way for other Canadian artists. Her rise to fame in the 70s became a pathway for many singers who wanted to achieve greater success. Since today marks Murray’s 74th birthday, we are featuring the song that put her on the spotlight.

anne murray birthday snowbird
Anne Murray turns 74 today/photo from Anne Murray’s official Facebook page

Anne Murray’s Early Days

Before becoming a worldwide known artist, Murray worked a different job. However, at a very young age, she was already fond of music. She learned to play the piano, and she even took voice lessons to enhance her vocals. Murray went to college and studied Physical Education, which led her to teach Physical Education to high school students.

Singing Career

Murray began her singing career when she became a part of the TV series, Singalong Jubilee. After learning to enhance her voice well, she was asked and even encouraged to record her own album. Hence, her solo career began.

“Snowbird:” The Signature Song

It was not too long when Murray got her biggest break in the music industry. When she released her second album on a big record label, she marked her name in the Canadian and US charts. Included in her album is her groundbreaking single “Snowbird.” She made her way to the top of the charts by releasing her song as a single in 1970.

Murray became the first solo Canadian artist to have a gold record by the RIAA. Furthermore, she achieved her first number one song on the Canadian and US chart with this single.

Why it Became Number One?

Ever wonder why “Snowbird” became so popular and chart-topping? The single became a hit to many as it speaks to a lot of people who’s been going through something, yet can’t get out of it. The narrator of the song envies the bird for being free and able to choose to set itself away for wherever it wants to go.

Sometimes, we ourselves want to be free like the birds in the sky, but there’s always a reason that’s holding us back. If there’s no reason, we make reasons that hold us back. If we could only be brave enough to be like the Snowbird in the song and fly away and be free.

The touching words in the song may be one of the reasons as to why people liked it. But, let’s also not forget that Murray added her own style and lent her distinctive voice to make this possible. This Gene MacLellan classic was given justice when it was taken by Murray.

Other Covers

Aside from the birthday girl, artists such as Elvis Presley, Loretta Lynn, and Lynn Anderson recorded the song. Even though these artists have a bigger influence in the country music scene released their rendition, Murray is still the one closely associated with the song.

Happy birthday Anne Murray, and may you have a wonderful day today!


Anne Murray

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