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Lynn Anderson

Latest Stories

Lynn Anderson + Rocky Top

Lynn Anderson’s Rendition of “Rocky Top” Stands the Test of Time

Lynn Anderson’s version of “Rocky Top” peaked in the Billboard Country Music Top 100. 

Who sang Top of the World Better, Lynn Anderson or the Carpenters

“Top of the World” by The Carpenters and Lynn Anderson: Who Sang It Better?

There is a difference between The Carpenters' and Lynn Anderson's versions of "Top of the World," but both songs are massive hits to the people, nonetheless.

Lynn Anderson - Top Of The World

You’ll Feel As If You’re On “Top of the World” with Lynn Anderson’s Song Cover

In 1973, the ever-wonderful country singer Lynn Anderson released her cover of the song "Top of the World" by the Carpenters. And here are some interesting facts about it.

Lynn Anderson Songs

The Best Lynn Anderson Songs That Made Her A Dynamic Grammy-Winning Performer

When it was her time to shine, Lynn Anderson songs quickly cracked the country charts and made her a multi-award-winning artist. Here are some of her greatest hits.

Lynn Anderson Facts

Some Of The Facts You Need To Know About The Grammy Winner Lynn Anderson

Lynn Anderson is a multi-awarded female country artist of the early '70s, most prominent with her Grammy-winning track "(I Never Promised You a) Rose Garden." 

Lynn Anderson Death

Remembering The Death of Lynn Anderson, Whose Powerful, Husky Voice Brought Her Atop The Charts

On July 30, 2015, country singer-songwriter Lynn Anderson died – at the age of 67 – from a heart attack after contracting pneumonia following a trip to Italy.

How Lynn Anderson Turned “Rose Garden” Into A Big Hit Worldwide

Did you know that Lynn Anderson's "Rose Garden" was initially rejected by her producer, husband Glenn Sutton, thinking “it was not a girl’s song?”

(I Never Promised You A) Rose Garden: Perfectly Timed for the ’70s and Beyond

(I Never Promised You A) Rose Garden was the title track of Lynn Anderson's studio album released in 1971.

Martina McBride’s Take on Lynn Anderson’s “Rose Garden”

Martina McBride covered Lynn Anderson's signature song "Rose Garden" for her Timeless album.

Lynn Anderson’s “You’re My Man:” A Country Hit Song in 1970

Lynn Anderson performs a beautiful rendition of "You're My Man." This track talks about the narrator's love for her man.

Lynn Anderson’s “Rose Garden” Teaches an Important Lesson in Relationship

This classic hit from Lynn Anderson was actually a cover from Joe South. South is a country singer and songwriter who made the song for his 1969 debut album.

Lynn Anderson Delights Crowd With “Rose Garden” Performance

In 1985, Lynn Anderson performed her biggest hit, "Rose Garden" on Play It Again Nashville. It was 15 years since she first recorded and released the song.