October 30, 2019

Martina McBride’s Take on Lynn Anderson’s “Rose Garden”

The timeless “Rose Garden” of Lynn Anderson was performed by Martina McBride once for her album Timeless. If you haven’t heard of it yet it’s time to give this piece of art a listen.

The Song Came from her Timeless Album

McBride covered the song for her Timeless album, which included all classic songs in country music. Part of her album were singles from Tammy Wynette, Merle Haggard, Johnny Cash, Hank Williams, and more. It is a compilation of 18 songs you will surely enjoy. Some were recorded with another artist, while other tracks were recorded solo by McBride. Since she gave a wonderful and stunning work to the public, it reached the top of the Billboard Country Albums chart. In addition, the album also sat at the number 3 spot of the Billboard 200.

Image result for martina mcbride rose garden lynn anderson
Martina McBride and her version of “Rose Garden.” Photo via Grammy.com

McBride bravely released her rendition of “Rose Garden” as a single from her album. Surprisingly people did enjoy her version. It was able to secure a spot on the top 20 of the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart, and it sat at number 98 on the Hot 100 chart. McBride’s version made an appearance on Brazil’s music charts too.

Even if Anderson owns the songs, we can say that McBride did an amazing cover of it. She kept the original melody of it but added her own magic into the song.

Martina McBride wonderfully sang the song that gave Lynn Anderson a boost in her career.

Here is Martina McBride’s version:

Signature Song

“Rose Garden” has been popularized by the country singer Lynn Anderson. She made it her signature song, that when it is heard by many it is quickly associated with her. However, the song was originally by Billy Joe Royal but his version was overshadowed by Anderson.

Anderson was pushed to the spotlight because of this song, giving her a lot of awards and spots on the chart in and outside of the US.

Check out Lynn Anderson’s version of the song:


Lynn Anderson, Martina McBride

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