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Brooks & Dunn’s ‘Brand New Man’ Still Sounds A Cut Above After 29 Years

29 years ago, Brooks & Dunn’s ‘Brand New Man’ achieved a milestone that no other singing duo was able to achieve even to this day.

On August 13, 1991, the country music community was introduced to a legendary duo that would eventually be producing hit after hit for the succeeding years. “Brand New Man” was Brooks and Dunn’s debut album composed of 10 songs which were either written by Kix Brooks or Ronnie Dunn. The 10 featured songs include four consecutive number ones. These include the title track, “My Next Broken Heart,” “Neon Moon,” and “Boot Scootin’ Boogie.”  

As for the single “Brand New Man,” it could just be the go to of anyone who has experienced turning a new leaf after meeting the one who’s right for them. This 1991 hit basically contains a common theme that shows everyone what love can do.

Love, in whatever form, could make us all walk around like ‘gigantic goof balls’ as many would say. Fortunately, this Brooks and Dunn’s debut single was portraying the positive side of being in love to the extent that it brings a shock to a community seeing a person change himself for the better.

Watch at your own risk. Believe me. The opening lines will still give you the willies.

The Beloved Duo Still Gets the Love Bomb

Brooks & Dunn’s ‘Brand New Man’ has now sold more than 6 million copies and won an ACM trophy for the Album of the Year together with “Boot Scootin Boogie” taking home the ACM Single of the Year. This brought an unexpected success for the then up and coming duo of the ’90s.

But there seemed to be one country legend who was not flustered by what Brooks and Dunn had achieved during the early stages of their career. Bill Anderson hosted the duo during the launch of their debut album and he knew it right off the gate that this duo got the knack to become phenomenal stars.

Kix Brooks remembered when Anderson asked them if they knew what it meant to have their career single as their debut. It meant, their fate for success was sealed. But “Brand New Man” wasn’t just their only career single. Brooks and Dunn had a total of 50 number one hits over the years and 8 out of their 10 studio albums became single platinum.

Still Not Leaving the Limelight

In 2019, Brooks & Dunn once again reunited with their newest album, “Reboot.” There they featured a cover of their hit debut single “Brand New Man.” The legendary country duo worked with Luke Combs.

Combs described the two singing veterans as relaxed yet dedicated to the brand. The cover that Combs with Brooks & Dunn did was just one of the dozens other than what was included in the album. 

The collaboration was a success. Last year in August at the CMA Awards, “Brand New Man” with Luke Combs was nominated for Musical Event of the Year. Brooks & Dunn were also again nominated for “Duo of the Year.”

It might have been a very long time since Brooks & Dunn’s ‘Brand New Man’ entered the country music scene with a storm, but the message that it brought with its fantastic tune is still alive for everyone to enjoy today. Let us all remember that it just takes a four-letter word to bring someone’s life around. Just Love. 

You’ll love this cool collaboration for an iconic song! These guys are the real deal!


Brooks & Dunn

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