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Some Of The Facts You Need To Know About The Grammy Winner Lynn Anderson

Lynn Anderson is one of the most renowned female country artists of the early ’70s, most prominent with her track “(I Never Promised You a) Rose Garden,” which won the hearts of audiences in 15 countries, and made her bag a Grammy for the Best Female Country Vocal. Here are some facts about her!

1. Music is in her roots

Lynn Anderson was raised by Liz Anderson, a singer-songwriter who penned multiple well-known songs, including “The Fugitive” and “(All My Friends Are Gonna Be) Strangers” Her father is also a songwriter who directed Lynn to a musical career, singing and playing the guitars in her teenage years.

2. She is an equestrian

While known to be an artist, Anderson also was fond of horses and even entered equestrian competitions. Upon moving to Sacramento, California, the Anderson family bought a ranch and raised horses. She won second place at a local horse-racing event in California at the age of nine and was titled “California Horse Show Queen” in 1966. 

3. She made a regular TV appearance

Because of multiple successes in her early musical career, including her first solo “In Person,” her first Top 40 hit “Ride, Ride, Ride,” and her Top Five hits “Promises, Promises,” “If I Kiss You (Will You Go Away),” and “That’s a No No.” She established herself as the only regular country music performer on The Lawrence Welk Show during her time, performing weekly to a national audience. She also made appearances in other television shows, including The Tonight Show and other shows with Dean Martin and Bob Hope.

4. She has multiple Top Ten hits

Aside from her Grammy-winning song, other Lynn Anderson songs also made multiple appearances in the Top Ten hits on the country charts, including “You’re My Man,” “What a Man, My Man Is,” “How Can I Unlove You,” and “Keep Me in Mind” which all ranked top one at least once through the early ’70s. She scored 18 Top Ten hits on country charts from the late ’60s to the early ’80s.

5. Latter Years

After her Cowboy Sweetheart album’s release in 1992, Anderson got back to the music industry with a concert album in 2000 titled “Live at Billy Bob’s Texas.” In 2004, she released The Bluegrass Sessions, a rework of her previous hit songs, and earned a Grammy nomination for Best Bluegrass Album. Later performances include appearances in various Nashville Music Festivals and her 2015 album titled Bridges. Anderson was admitted to a hospital later that year due to pneumonia. On July 30, 2015, she died of a heart attack. She was 67 years old.

Despite her passing, she will always leave a legacy of her music. The Lynn Anderson Rose Garden in Woodlawn Memorial Park Cemetery houses 200 Lynn Anderson Hybrid Rose Bushes in recognition of the artist’s famous song. This garden continues to be a scene for contemplation and serenity.


Lynn Anderson

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