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“Top of the World” by The Carpenters and Lynn Anderson: Who Sang It Better?

Since its release, “Top of the World,” sung by The Carpenters or Lynn Anderson, has been sung literally all over the globe. It is the most sung track in the world as it is famously heard in karaoke, singing competitions, and mostly in family gatherings.

The Carpenters’ Version

Initially recorded by the famous duo, The Carpenters, “Top of the World” was only supposed to be a part of their album A Song for You, released in 1972. Since then, their version has appeared in many dramas and films, including Shrek Forever After, Dark Shadows, and the Netflix series After Life.

The Carpenters’ version topped the Australian charts, Canada RPM Top Singles, and the US Billboard Hot 100 charts.

Lynn Anderson’s Version

Lynn Anderson released her cover of “Top of the World” in 1973. It has been speculated that Anderson’s version became one of her biggest pop hits.

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Her rendition has become a #2 hit in the country charts and #74 on the pop charts.

The Carpenters VS Lynn Anderson

Undoubtedly, The Carpenters and Lynn Anderson released “Top of the World” in ways that captivated the people. Their versions have unique qualities that earned their respective places on the charts and among the masses.

If you’re looking for a more relaxed, chill, and easy-going vibe to jam with, The Carpenters’ version is suitable for you. Their way of singing the track leans more on the calm and soothing side that will let you feel the almost-cottony sheets of your bed and the cool breeze as you take a morning stroll.

Lynn Andersons’ rendition is more on the elegant and savvy side, perfect for those who want to take on the stages or any on-the-spot performances in events. Anderson’s silky vocal quality adds a sophisticated feel to the song that would make you feel that you are clad in an expensive dress and looking good.

Despite the chart differences, The Carpenters’ and Lynn Anderson’s versions of “Top of the World” are uniquely sung in ways that will constantly become part of people’s lives.


Lynn Anderson, The Carpenters

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