October 28

“I Need You:” A Beautiful Love Song from Tim McGraw and Faith Hill

“I Need You” is not only a love song but also has the words that express our desire for a person. Saying these words to our beloved means they are important to our life. Don’t you agree?

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Sometimes when we are down, we need someone to lean into. A person who would lend their shoulders to cry on and an ear to listen to your problems. Honestly, we don’t need someone who only sees the good side in our life but what we need is someone who sees the bad and still wants to stay in our lives. I believe that you are really into someone, you will still choose to stay in a relationship even if you have a lot of reasons to leave it.

Being in a relationship has something to do with loving and accepting the person for who they are. In line with this is the song, “I Need You” by Tim McGraw and Faith Hill.

“I Need You”

It is a ballad love song written by David Lee and Tony Lane. This track was recorded by Tim McGraw and Faith Hill. The duet made was released in August 2007 from their album Let it Go. Upon the release of the song, “I Need You” entered the country charts and peaked at number 50 in the US Billboard Hot 100 chart.

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The duet made was nominated at the 2008 Grammy Awards for Best Country Collaboration with Vocals and Best Country Song.

Lyrics Breakdown

I wanna dance to the static of an A.M. radio
I wanna wrap the moon around us and lay beside you skin on skin
Make love ’til the sun comes up, ’til the sun goes down again
‘Cause I need you

I Need You” talks about how the two lovers described their love to each other. The words mentioned above states how much they need each other. Everyone wishes to have this kind of relationship where we are just happy with the relationship without thinking of others’ opinions so the relationship is kept for a lifetime. Remember, the key to have a successful relationship is honesty, trust, and love.

Listen to Tim McGraw and Faith Hill’s “I Need You” below:


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