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What ‘Music Travel Love’ Has Been Up To Lately? Here’s an Exclusive Interview!

Music Travel Love Exclusive Interview

Canadian brother duo Bob and Clint Moffat, better known as Music Travel Love, are mostly recognized for their mission to travel the globe, chase waterfalls and hike to some of the world’s most scenic backdrops to shoot their incredible performances. So, it’s no longer a surprise how their YouTube videos resonated with many fans.

They currently have over two million subscribers who follow along to hear the band’s covers of songs by well-known artists, such as Johnny Cash, The Judds, Randy Travis, Dan + Shay, and many more.

We recently had the chance to talk to the pair about what it’s like working as a sibling, the challenges they had to face while filming outdoors, their next destinations, advice to aspiring artists out there, and so much more. Continue reading to learn about the duo!

Can you tell us a little bit about Music Travel Love? How did you get its start? What made you both come together and start pursuing a professional music career as a duo?

After years of auditioning for music labels, and never feeling that they quite got us, or for that matter we quite got them, we came to the conclusion that we may as well pursue what we loved and quit wasting our time trying to be what record label executives wanted. So after a short discussion we came to the conclusion that we loved making music, we totally enjoyed traveling, and we wanted to spend time with our families, thus the name Music Travel love. How did we get together – same egg – we are identical twins from a set of triplets, and we have an older brother, haha. We actually started as a duo in Thailand under SonyBMG Music back in 2005. 

You started working together since your childhood as The Moffats in 1998. What is it like working as siblings? 

We loved playing with our brothers; there’s a special tightness with brotherly harmonies – but hey, we are brothers, so we do have our differences, but those are short-lived. 

How did you both come up with the idea of taking your music on the road to such scenic spots? 

Actually, we were talking with a friend that worked for an RV manufacturer, and he was suggesting maybe we could travel around in his RV and perform at campgrounds. Well, that idea never came to fruition, but the idea of traveling to remote locations and recording our videos may have spawned from that; in any case, it seems to be working, and we are grateful for that.

How do you choose where to film? What has been your favorite location to record in so far, and why?

Quite often, we have tied in our video shoots with live performances. However, prior to COVID-19, we were asked by a number of countries Departments of Tourism like India, New Caledonia, Madagascar, Sri Lanka, and Vietnam to come film in their countries. Now they are on hold, but they still want us to come. As for a favorite location, that would be tough because they are all such cool experiences.  

What is the biggest challenge you face whenever you’re recording outside? 


Who are some of your musical influences? How do you choose the songs you will cover?

Bryan Adams, The Beatles, we really love music, so we pretty much listen to it all. At first, we picked songs we liked and thought would be cool to cover, but as time marched on we decided we are actually doing this for the fans, so we look for songs that fit our vocals, that we feel we can make the original artist proud (John Fogerty liked our cover), and that the songs were pretty big hits so lots of people can identify them! 

Any particular song you’ve been itching to cover in the future?

There are a few, but you’ll have to wait and see – that said, we do want to pay our respect to Bryan Adams, Elvis, and The Beatles somewhere down the road. 

You collaborated with Summer Overstreet for your cover of Randy Travis’ “Forever and Ever, Amen,” are there any more artists you want to collaborate with?

We have written a lot of songs with Summer, who, by the way, is Paul Overstreet’s daughter, who just happened to write our biggest cover, “When You Say Nothing At All,” and “Forever and Ever, Amen.” As for collaborations in the future, maybe but nothing planned for our signature videos, but we will be doing a few Instagram Live, with artists from other countries, like Thailand and Brazil. 

Are you working on any original music? When can fans expect to hear it?

We are, and as soon as we get the first video shot, we will release track #1 sometime in the next couple of months.

Where are your next destinations?

Thanks to COVID likely somewhere in the Eastern US. 

You’ve been successful as a duo, what is your advice for young and aspiring artists?

David Foster once told us, “Guys there is no easy road, you’ve got to do this on your own, and when it happens you will be able to truly appreciate all of the hard work and effort it took to get there.” 

Hopefully, young aspiring artists will understand that it’s a job – we put in 8 to 10 hours a day, on writing, recording, and Social Media, with maybe one day off a week, at home and on the road. As Alan Jackson once said, “Success is just 5 short years away.”  

Make sure to check out Music Travel Love’s spine chilling cover of “When You Say Nothing at All” in the video below.