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Top 10 Most Memorable Zac Brown Band Songs

One of the most prominent groups in country music is Zac Brown Band. Their success story over the past decade has been a fan favorite. Time and time again, the American country-rock band has proven why they are churning out top hits. The band’s secret? They know their audience and deliver high performance on each single. Zac Brown Band has over 25 million singles plus 8 million records (and counting). Their first four albums became certified Platinum and six Platinum singles.

Zac Brown Band songs range from traditional country to rock & roll. Some of their pieces are beautiful and poignant yet have a joyful bounce. Here are ten songs on top of fans’ lists and are memorable from the band’s career.

1. “Whatever It Is”

The first album of Zac Brown Band, The Foundation, was a smashing hit. And it includes the “Whatever It Is” song. Written by Brown and Wyatt Durrette, this is a sweet ballad that brings out a sentimental side. Through this song, the band demonstrated how versatile they are. They’re able to switch from festive fun to ballads. The heartwarming lyrics and delicate acoustic made it the wedding song of 2009.

2. “Free”

Zac Brown Band songs aren’t complete without a Grammy nomination. And that is what their song “Free” brought for Brown and company. It’s a groovy piece that wrapped up the band’s debut album in 2008. Brown revealed that the beauty of nature of another country inspired the song. He was watching the sunrise over Mt. Warning while in Australia. Another version was made as a tribute to the men and women of the United States military.

3. “Chicken Fried”

This is a feel-good song and a signature song of Zac Brown Band. “Chicken Fried” was the band’s debut single and the first No. 1 hit too. Lost Trailers heard it from its feature on the group’s 2005 self-released album Home Grown. They asked Brown if they could record it, and he agreed under one condition: they won’t release it as a single. The band agreed, but when Brown heard it on the radio the following year, the latter filed for a cease-and-desist letter. This made the single pulled out from the radio. ZBB released the song themselves in 2008 and made it a certified 5x Platinum by the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA).

4. “My Old Man”

Dedicated to Brown’s father, this is one of the recent emotional songs of the band. “My Old Man” talks about his father being the best supporter and how he changed his life. They released a music video showing the band members together with their father. It became the perfect lead to 2017’s Welcome Home album.

5. “Toes”

You can picture hearing “Toes” blasted on the stereo at the pool, beach, or lake. It’s one of those songs you can’t help but feel a warm and infectious country vibe. Brown’s smooth vocals set the mood transporting listeners to the islands. It’s an obvious fan favorite as it bagged the No. 1 spot in 2009.

6. “Highway 20 Ride”

“Highway 20 Ride” is an emotional and heartfelt song that mirrors a touching story. It talks about a divorced man’s journey as he makes trips every other weekend to the Georgia line. He drops off his son to his ex-wife and then counts the days to his next visit. Listeners get a glimpse of what a man thinks about his situation. He reflects on his son and wonders how he will see him in the future. The title of the song speaks about how the man’s favorite moment was their drives together.

7. “Colder Weather”

Brown and company always keep their song interesting. They released a song about truck drivers’ lonely lifestyle. It was during the winter months of 2010-2011. The band members know that this demographic was rarely an inspiration in songs. Listeners can expect touching lyrics that are about a man missing his lover while on the road. He also keeps himself and the radio waves warm throughout the cold months. “Cold Weather” climbed on top of charts and earned a certified 2x Platinum.

8. “As She’s Walking Away”

This song is a collaboration with country star Alan Jackson. It takes inspiration from an Orlando night out where Durette became attracted to a beautiful girl at the bar. The downside was that she has a boyfriend. All night the two talked through their smoldering stares from across the room. He cannot make a move because of her boyfriend, but they are attracted to each other. As the group was about to leave, the line, “I’m falling in love as she’s walking away,” hit him.

9. “Knee Deep”

Teaming up with Jimmy Buffet, Zac Brown Band created the laidback jam “Knee Deep.” The song adds to the list of No.1 hits of the band. It tells the story of Brown jumping on the ocean as an escape from a breakup. Listening to it takes you on another summer vibe on the beach.

10. “Goodbye In Her Eyes”

Zac Brown Band songs don’t disappoint listeners when it comes to vocals and arrangement. Omit, Brown’s ability as a vocalist was the highlight of “Goodbye In Her Eyes.” It’s a heartbreaking song but elevates the intensity with striking harmonies and powerful production. This piece has everything from memorable percussion, heartfelt accompaniment, and unique guitar parts. It’s everything you need when you want to tug on your emotions.


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