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Purely Country: The 15 Best Tyler Childers Songs

American singer-songwriter Timothy Tyler Childers, famously known as Tyler Childers, has created and sung country music that not only touched the listeners’ souls but also had them praise the songwriting efforts of the singer because of the deep, meaningful, and close-to-home lyrics of his songs. 

His breakthrough album, Purgatory, released in 2017, has been certified platinum by the Recording Industry Association of America. Childers also won the Emerging Artist of the Year award from the Americana Music Honors and Awards in 2018.

But for now, let’s take a look and dive into Tyler Childers songs.

1. Lady May

Tyler Childers‘s tribute to his wife, Senora May, “Lady May,” touches many fans’ hearts because of the song’s message.

The track is a lovely way to declare your love to your significant other. It has an unusual set of romantic words, but the overall meaning, if you look and listen closely, is deep and heartwarming. Professing your love and commitment to your lover like this might melt them.

2. Feathered Indians

Tyler Childers’s “Feathered Indians” gave fans the go signal to name him “phenomenal” and “great.”

Listeners had doubts when they first saw the song on Childers’s Purgatory album until they decided to spend a moment with it and realized its potential. It is one of Tyler Childers’s songs that hit close to home, according to fans.

3. Whitehouse Road

“Whitehouse Road” is the fifth track of Tyler Childers’s Purgatory album, released in 2017. 

Undeniably, Childers’s voice itself sounds country. Fans get chills and goosebumps whenever he sings the piece. They also send love to Childers and tell him not to stop creating music like “Whithouse Road” because that song, they said, deserves all the best things.

4. Universal Sound

Fans praise the intellectual meaning of Childers’s “Universal Sound.” The song’s lyrics somehow point out that universal sound refers to God. Childers’s, in the song, said that he focuses on his breathing and the universal sound and that he lets it take him from his toenails to his head. That is what you would say when you want to let God take care of everything that you’re feeling, and that is what fans love about the song.

5. Born Again

Well-written, favorite, and one of the best: Tyler Childers’s “Born Again” was recorded evidently not to disappoint fans.

The song oozing with country music vibes, gets into the minds and hearts of the listeners. Add Childers’s voice to the mix, and you are already listening to a great song. The music stuck and eventually grew on the listeners because of how it sounded. A fan even said that the song should become the theme song of a cartoon show.

6. Country Squire

To your surprise, Childers’s “Country Squire” is about a desperate attempt to try and fix a van and live a simple life simultaneously.

The music video had all elements in cartoon fashion, including Childers and his wife. Childers goes around the bar singing and fixing the van with the money he earned. Eventually, he and his wife had kids (there were many of them in the video), and it ended with them soaring off altogether with their van.

7. All Your’n

Tyler Childers’s “All Your’n” gives the listeners a chance to reminisce about the good times with their loved ones.

Others use the song to remember their best friends, loved ones, and their closest people. The lyrics talk about trying different things with them, new, unusual, or the same old thing. Listening to the song makes you want to tell the people closest to your heart that you truly love them.

8. Creeker

“Creeker” showcased Tyler Childers’s singing prowess with the long, high notes in the song.

The talent, song lyrics, and the song itself had everyone sending much love and praise to Childers. Many say that he creates the best country music songs and that his pieces resonate with many people. Listeners continue to ask and wonder why “Creeker” hasn’t made it to the top with Childers’s voice and the song’s slow beat.

9. Matthew

A fan dubs Tyler Childers’s “Matthew” as truly electrifying.

The piece is sung in a way that leaves you anticipating and wanting more of Childers’s voice and talent. The simple, slow tempo and rich music show us that a song’s simplicity can already be beautiful.

10. Angel Band

Once again, Tyler Childers chose to slay “Angel Band” with his rich and superb vocals.

Fans appreciated his singing skills again because of his ability to channel everyone into the song so deeply that they also felt Childers’s emotions and feelings. Fans and listeners are in awe because of Childers and his amazing voice.

11. Purgatory

You might want to get your dancing shoes on with Tyler Childers’s “Purgatory.”

The song makes you want to get up and dance away the night (or day). The instruments, as always, are always on point. Childers’s voice and backing vocals give the fast-paced piece true country music vibes.

12. Jubilee

Most unique and addictive; that’s what a fan thought about Tyler Childers and his song, “Jubilee.”

The jubilee version of the piece has listeners calling it “hauntingly beautiful” because of the repetitive melody and lyrics. Childers’s voice doesn’t make an appearance here, but the song still radiates pure country vibes because of the instruments and overall feel of the song.

13. Tattoos

As the music starts with Childers’s calm, peaceful, and soothing voice, “Tattoos” seem to talk about a man trying to move on from a breakup. The lyrics talk about his former woman finding another man she already needs and leans on. Whiskey is the only thing that helps the man forget everything else, like how his former lover forgot everything.

14. Gemini

Childers’s “Gemini” had fans dubbing it “humbling” and the “most favorite” of all his songs.

Song and music-wise, the track has definitely kept its country music vibes, and a single string hasn’t deviated from that thought. Childers truly knows how to grasp the listeners’ hearts with the unique twang in his voice and the music he creates.

15. I Swear (To God)

Released in 2017 in Tyler’s Purgatory album, the moderately tempo-ed “I Swear (To God)” received praises from fans and listeners because of the pure country music vibes. Childers’s voice is like honey, smooth and silky, accompanied by the lovely sound of the harmonica in the background.

And that’s all for our list of the best Tyler Childers songs! We hope you enjoyed all of them!

Stay tuned for more of these.


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