Tyler Childers Feathered Indians


Arden Lambert


December 27, 2022


December 27, 2022


December 27, 2022

Many people had to look and read twice when they saw the title of Tyler Childers’s “Feathered Indians.”

A lot of debate sparked on what “Feathered Indians” genuinely mean. Well, the double-platinum track by the country music singer hides a sweet yet quite cliché message.

Meaning Behind the Song

Fans keep exchanging thoughts and ideas on multiple websites as they figure out what Tyler Childers’s “Feathered Indians” means. It is one of the many Tyler Childers songs that had fans wrecking their brains for creative plots for hit music.

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Many said that Childers, in the song, shares a passionate love with a religious woman. He says that if only he’d known that his lover was that religious, he would have stopped. He wouldn’t have tried to fall hard for her, but it was already too late because he was already in love with her.

Tyler Childers struggles with his vice, smoking, and the woman he loves tells him that those things are bad for him. 

Later in the song, Childers somehow professes his love and commitment to his lover. He would run through flying bullets, across the river, through the thicket, and walk through the thorns to hold his woman. 

In the end, there is this cliché part where the bad guy in the story turns good because of a particular woman. That story is evident in “Feathered Indians,” who is believed to have changed and made peace with his vices because, at one point, he committed his lover.

The Reactions to the Song

Fans and listeners shower Tyler Childers’s “Feathered Indians” with praise as they comment on how beautiful, meaningful, and significant the track is. Childers’s voice in some parts (especially the thicket part) had fans commending his superb singing skills. The song’s lyrics were also deep on a particular level that most people wouldn’t understand immediately. The band accompanying Childers was also given credit for how well they played. Props to everyone, to the steel guitar guy, especially!

Listen to Childers’s double platinum track below.


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