July 15

It’s Amazing How Eddy Arnold Made The Country Classic “Anytime” A Crossover Hit

In 1948, Eddy Arnold released his rendition of “Anytime” off the album of the same name. It turned out to be a massive hit for Arnold, climbing all the way to the top of Billboard’s Hot Country Songs chart while successfully crossing over the pop chart – ranking No. 17 on Billboard Hot 100.

Composer Herbert “Happy” Lawson wrote “Anytime” in the early 1920s. It sings about how every single thing in the universe is influenced by time – most especially when it comes to proving true love. Preserving relationships takes dedication, and whether it’s camaraderie or a romantic one, time is an essential element.

“Anytime will be the right time. Anytime at all will do. Anytime you’re sure you want only my love. That’s the time I’ll come back home to you,” the song goes.

Eddy Arnold Rescued It From Obscurity

Without a doubt, “Anytime” is one of the most notable Eddy Arnold songs

While it was first recorded by American minstrel show performer Emmett Miller in 1924, as well as Herbert Lawson himself a year later, it became mostly associated with Arnold when he rescued it from oblivion – bringing it into the mainstream after being unknown to the listening public for over two decades.

Ever since he released the romantic ballad, several acts followed – this includes Eddie Fisher and The Osmond Brothers. Patsy Cline also recorded the song. Her version was released posthumously in 1969. 

You can listen to “Anytime” by Eddy Arnold in the video below. It only shows why he’s been considered the first bona fide country music superstar of the modern era, who helped pave the way for later singers.


Eddy Arnold, Herbert Lawson

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