June 24

Keith Urban’s “To Love Somebody” Resonates the Old, Classic Song

Keith Urban’s “To Love Somebody” impressed the audience when he sang his version of the Bee Gees’ popular song at the Stayin’ Alive: A GRAMMY Salute to the Music of the Bee Gees” in L.A.’s Microsoft Theater. The song was first released in 1967 on the Bee Gees’ first ever album. 

Barry Gibb, the only member alive, was among the crowd while Keith was performing. Before he started singing, the singer shared that he grew up strongly influenced by various genres of music in Australia; however, one band, especially, felt like he had an extra connection since they are also from his country and made him perceive that he could reach his dreams as well. The performance, “To Love Somebody” by Keith Urban, was remarkably touching, and even Barry Gibb was carried away as he closed his eyes and gazed upward, possibly in memory of his brothers. 

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The Bee Gees composed the song for Robert Stigwood, their manager. He requested Gibb to compose a song for him. It was not a homosexual attachment but huge respect for this man’s talents and capabilities. 

Covering songs is somewhat a trend nowadays. And because of the internet, we can witness the reactions of the original singers while they watch their great songs being performed. It’s a really touching experience when you can witness the reactions of these singers as they watch someone younger singing their masterpiece. 

According to some, Bee Gees are hard to copy! However, Keith aces the performance. To be able to bring their extraordinary music and perform it with so much emotion. 

Check out this soulful rendition by Keith Urban’s “To Love Somebody.” You may also listen to some of Keith Urban’s songs.


Keith Urban

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