March 5

Read Between the Lines With George Strait’s ‘Ocean Front Property’

Many people may argue that George Strait’s ‘Ocean Front Property’ is full of false statements. Well, that is actually true.

This hit song shouldn’t be taken literally as hidden within the catchy lyrics are metaphors. The “King of Country” made listeners read between the lines as it conceals a deep sadness. The main character narrates the story of telling his soon-to-be ex-lover how even if she leaves, he will not miss her, take her back, or be haunted by her memory.

It also talks about the singer purchasing ocean front property in Arizona. What’s interesting about it is that Arizona is popularly known for its desert climate. When you look at a map, you’ll see it is entirely landlocked. In other words, the lyrics are opposite to what the singer truly feels about her leaving.

Some fans assume that the song was not for a lover but his daughter. In 1986, a year before releasing ‘Ocean Front Property.’ His then 13-year-old daughter, Jenifer Strait, met a vehicular accident and died instantly. She was riding with four people in a Ford Mustang where the findings were excessive speed plus unnegotiated proper turn of the car. The vehicle flipped on the passenger side where Jenifer was sitting, thus killing her on impact.

After which, George Strait and his family shied away from the media and limited his interviews. Nevertheless, the unfortunate event did not stop him from releasing 11 straight number-one hits. He didn’t let his performance or output get affected by his personal life like a true king.

‘Ocean Front Property’ was written by Dean Dillon, Hank Cochran, and Royce Porter. The first single and title track of Strait’s album was released in 1987. It reached No. 1 as its peak position for Billboard Top Country Albums and peaked at No. 117 for Billboard 200.

You can listen to George Strait’s catchy song here.


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