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Young Man Sings like Elvis in his Cover of “Can’t Help Falling in Love”

A lot of musicians have covered this classic Elvis Presley song, but nothing comes close to how the King sang it. Nothing came close until I heard this young man do a cover of “Can’t Help Falling in Love.”

His name is Chase Eagleson and he is a YouTuber who does a lot of covers for popular songs. One of his most popular covers was this Elvis Presley classic because of how different his take is as compared to other artists who did theirs.

young man, elvis
via Screengrab from YouTube

Young Man Sings like Elvis

Chase Eagleson has started his YouTube career back in 2013. He had been covering hits from all genres including Coldplay’s “The Scientist.” One thing that stood out in his YouTube account was his cover of Elvis Presley’s song that gained 6.3 million views. A lot of people were drawn to his cover because of his baritone voice that sounded almost exactly like Elvis. He justified his cover without changing the arrangement of the song and sticking with the original melody.

Some singers would change the melody and arrangement of the song when they do a cover but Chase did not. He knew how to give the King his respect by simply singing the song the way it is supposed to be.

elvis presley, young man
via Screengrab from YouTube

About the Song

The song was Elvis’ most remarkable love ballad and probably the best one in music’s history. It was written by the amazing songwriter, George Weiss, who also wrote theThe Lion Sleeps Tonight” and “What a Wonderful World.” A lot of people speculated that Presley performed the song for his love interest, but it was actually for his grandmother. It was a performance for his grandmother’s birthday and a very sweet gesture from the King.

Watch his performance here:

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chase eagleson, Elvis Presley

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