April 12

Merle Haggard Reminisces God’s Sacrifice on the “Old Rugged Cross”

Most people know Him by name while others know Him by face but, how deep do you really know God? Do you even remember the sacrifices that He has made for mankind? If not, then you should go to church or read your Bible. Anyway, the hit “Old Rugged Cross” is a perfect example of the sacrifices of God.

Merle Haggard, the old rugged cross
Photo Credits: Merle Haggard/ Official Facebook Page

Merle Haggard: The Music Icon

Merle Haggard was also known for his distinct sound and genre. He rose to fame in 1963 and remained in the music spotlight until 2016. In addition, he is one of the main key figures to popularized the Bakersfield sound. Throughout his career, Haggard was able to chart thirty-eight number one songs on the U.S. Billboard Country charts. Also, some of his hits also entered the Billboard Hot 100.

Merle Haggard, the old rugged cross
Photo Credits: Merle Haggard/ Official Facebook Page

With his wide range of influence, Merle Haggard received a lot of awards. He was included in the Country Music Hall of Fame, Nashville Songwriters Hall of Fame, and even received a Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award. Truly, he is a rare gem in the industry but, it’s sad to say that in 2016 the legend rested in the great beyond.

The Story of Christ in “The Old Rugged Cross”

The Old Rugged Cross” was written by the evangelist George Bennard in 1912. When the hymn was released, it became one of the most favorite gospel songs of all time. Its content is a narration about the sacrifices of God for us. Through time, the single also became a favorite for many country artists, one of them is Merle Haggard. Therefore, if you are having a spiritual struggle right now, this song will perfectly comfort you.

Now, let’s go ahead and listen to the version of Merle Haggard.


merle haggard

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