January 30

Tracy Byrd and  His First Number One Hit “Holdin’ Heaven”

In September 1993, a burgeoning country artist from MCA, Tracy Byrd, broke through the genre with his third single off his self-titled debut album, “Holdin’ Heaven.” And it was quite an entrance, too, interrupting Garth Brooks’ reign on the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart for a week. 

Tracy Byrd didn’t intend to be a country star, but destiny had a different plan for him. 

Shortly after signing with MCA, he dropped his first single, “That’s the Thing About a Memory,” and then a follow-up, “Someone to Give My Love To.” Both Tracy Byrd tracks missed the Top 40, and it wasn’t until his third single, “Holdin’ Heaven,” that he finally made it. And it didn’t just get into the Top 40. It grabbed the number-one spot.

Meaning Behind The Song 

“Holdin Heaven” was written by Bill Kenner and Thom McHugh and produced by Tony Brown. He released it in May 1993 and debuted at the 72nd spot on the Hot Country Singles & Tracks chart. Then, it slowly climbed to the top spot and ultimately held it for a week in September.

And it wasn’t surprising to see this frothy uptempo track about monumentally lucking out in love reel listeners in. While it was simple, it hit that sweet spot people have for romantic songs as Byrd sang, “I’m holdin’ heaven in my arms tonight / Everything about you is so perfectly right.” And its pulsating beat gave the song a much-needed spice. So, if you’re looking for a sweet but dance-able song, this song would be a great pick. 

Aside from being Byrd’s first Billboard number one, this was his only one until 2002, with the release of “Ten Rounds with Jose Cuervo.” 

Come on and catch Tracy Byrd’s “Holdin’ Heaven” in the video below.


Tracy Byrd

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