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From Napkin to Number One: Garth Brooks' "Friends in Low Places"

From Napkin to Number One: Garth Brooks’ “Friends in Low Places”

Out of his decades-long career, Garth Brooks’s “Friends in Low Places” remains to be one of his most popular songs. Here’s why.

Garth Brooks + Ask Me How I Know

What Made “Ask Me How I Know” By Garth Brooks a Number-One Hit?

Here’s the reason why Garth Brooks’ song “Ask Me How I Know” topped the charts in 2017. 

Garth Brooks’ Daughter Stuns with a Keith Whitley Hit

Allie Colleen’s Melancholic Version of Her Favorite Song “Don’t Close Your Eyes”

Allie Colleen stunned country lovers when she released her melancholic version of Keith Whitley’s hit song “Don’t Close Your Eyes.”

Garth Brooks + Much Too Young (To Feel This Damn Old

Garth Brooks’s Much Too Young (To Feel This Damn Old) Talks Time, Dreams, and the Drive

Garth Brooks had a lot of people relate to his song “Much Too Young (To Feel This Damn Old)” because of the message that it brings about ambitions and reaching them no matter what.

Garth Brooks Reveals Grand Launch of Friends in Low Places Bar

Garth Brooks Reveals Grand Launch of Friends in Low Places Bar

Country music sensation Garth Brooks is all set to unveil Friends in Low Places Bar & Honky-Tonk in the heart of downtown Nashville, Tennessee.

The Top Unforgettable Moments in CMA Fest History

The Most Unforgettable Moments in CMA Fest Throughout The Years

The legendary CMA Fest has endured five decades of bringing together country music fans with their most adored artists. Here are some moments we will never forget.

10 Country songs about being true to yourself

10 Country Songs About Being True To Yourself To Help You Embrace Who You Are

If forging your own identity is a struggle you've been dealing with for some time, fret not, as we have here the best country songs about being true to yourself.

15 songs about taking risks

12 Country Songs About Taking Risks That Make You Go For What You Want

Here are country songs about taking risks that will help you forget your fear and chase after what your heart desires – or conquer whatever risk you need to take today.

15 Country songs about the simple life

15 Country Songs About The Simple Life To Help You Embrace The Joy of Slowing Down

We are sharing some of the most exciting country songs about the simple life that will get you thinking about how living without frills is the right thing to do.

10 country songs about living life to the fullest

10 Country Songs About Living Life To The Fullest And Enjoy Each Day

If you want to live your life better but are unsure where to begin, why don’t you try blasting your speakers with these country songs about living life to the fullest?

15 country songs about cowboys

15 Country Songs About Cowboys To Honor the Wild Wild West

It’s amazing how country music poetically describes the life and times of the Wild West. So, strap on your boots and play these absolute best country songs about cowboys on repeat.

10 Popular Country Songs That Were Originally Cover Hits

10 Popular Country Songs That Were Originally Cover Hits

For our list of cover country songs, we've gathered tunes that already happened to be a hit or a popular recorded version for someone else. Check them out!

Garth Brooks - What She's Doing Now

Never-ending Thoughts of You In Garth Brooks’ “What She’s Doing Now”

Thinking about what a former lover is doing to you leaves you in pieces, as perfectly described in Garth Brooks' "What She's Doing Now."

Meaning behind Garth Brooks Unanswered prayers

Here’s Why Garth Brooks Thanks God For The “Unanswered Prayers”

In 1990, Garth Brooks released "Unanswered Prayers" as the second single off his album No Fences. It was an instant hit – reaching No. 1 on Billboard's Hot Country Songs chart.

Garth Brooks Plus ONE – The Vegas Residency Begins

Garth Brooks Takes His Live Shows to Next Level With Las Vegas Residency

Garth Brooks is making his way to The Entertainment Capital of the World! The country crooner is headlining Las Vegas Residency called Garth Brooks/Plus ONE.

17 Controversial Country Songs

17 Controversial Country Songs That You Probably Overlooked

Controversial country songs are abundant, despite country music being a fun and celebratory genre. We've compiled 17 country songs that we think are the "Most Controversial" songs in country music.

The Fieriest Feuds In Country Music That People Still Talk About

The Fieriest Feuds In Country Music That People Still Talk About

Some of the biggest names in country music definitely didn't hesitate to butt heads with each other. So, we've gathered the most infamous feuds in the genre.

30 Best country karaoke

30 Country Karaoke Duets Of All Time That You Can Sing With Anyone

Grab the microphone right now, pull a friend or your partner, or even a stranger, and sing your hearts out with these 30 country karaoke duets.

Remember Scotty McCreery’s Special Performance Of “The Dance” At The Opry?

A beautiful rendition of the song was performed by McCreery at the Grand Ole Opry live in 2012. He was only 19 when he performed “The Dance.” As always he delivered the song like he personally wrote it and making it bone-chilling.

27 best country Songs Everyone Knows

27 Country Songs Everyone Knows That Will Surely Get You Going 

Here are 27 country songs everyone knows - even if you're not a fan - that will definitely get you going. Scroll down and pick your favorites!

The Romantic Story Behind Garth Brooks’ Surprise Proposal To Trisha Yearwood

Behind the Scenes: Garth Brooks’ Surprise Proposal to Trisha Yearwood

When Garth Brooks proposed to Trisha Yearwood, he pulled out all the stops for her. So, let’s take a look back at his grand romantic gesture. 

Who is the king of country music?

King of Country Music: Who Should Be Really Wearing the Crown?

The title ‘King of Country Music’ has always been a controversial debate among fans. But who really deserves to wear the crown? Find out.

10 Country Songs About Fire If You Feel The Burning Desire To Say Something

Whether it’s about a burning desire to say something, or literal fires burning things to the ground, there are country songs about fire for that.

The Best Country Songs About Storms And Whatever Nature Throws Out There

It’s always a good idea to have an arsenal of country songs about storms to provide a soundtrack whenever nature reminds you of its power.

20 Country Songs About Tennessee That You Should Listen To

There is no shortage of country songs about Tennessee. After all, it is where country music began, and its influence in the genre holds strong.

Top 10 Country Music’s Most Shocking Couple Breakups

Top 10 Country Music’s Most Shocking Couple Breakups

Not every love story has a happy ending. Let’s look back at some of the most shocking country couple breakups that broke our hearts too.

The Best Country Songs About Saying Goodbye

The Best Country Songs About Saying Goodbye To Ease Emotional Moments

Leaving is always difficult. And if you can’t find the right words to express what you feel, these country songs about saying goodbye will help you.

best country albums of all time

The Top 50 Best Country Albums Of All Time

We’ve round up 50 of the best country albums of all time – or in other words, a list of records that are worth investing your hard-earned money.

Jessa Samantha Top 10 country songs about the beach

Top Country Songs About The Beach For The Perfect Summer Playlist

Here’s a playlist of good country songs about the beach that will definitely give you good vibes and have you swaying in the sand from day to night.

Garth Brooks’ “Papa Loved Mama” Is Not Your Ordinary Love Song

Remember the time when Garth Brooks made history with his third studio album, Ropin' the Wind, which was released in 1991? Ropin' the Wind helped close Brooks' big name by hatching three big hits, including “The River”. In addition, off this album is his fourth single, “Papa Loved Mama”, which also became a hit.

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