January 21

Never-ending Thoughts of You In Garth Brooks’ “What She’s Doing Now”

Ah, what love does to us. Being away from your love makes you think of things you shouldn’t be thinking about. Yet when you’re apart and no longer together, your head spins on what they might be doing now.

Garth Brooks co-wrote “What She’s Doing Now” with Pat Alger, and the track reached the top spot of the US Billboard Hot Country Songs chart. It is one of the eight of Garth Brooks’ songs that became the #1 song in the country charts.

“What She’s Doing Now” was released in 1991 as part of his album Ropin’ the WindSince the song’s release and fame, Crystal Gayle recorded a female POV of the piece, yet it was not released as a single.

Garth Brooks explained why he wrote “What She’s Doing Now.” Garth said he had the idea about a man thinking about what a woman is doing. That includes if she runs a business, she’s already a mother with a loving family, or she is married already and to whom? 

When he told his ideas to Pat, the latter smiled and threw him a question that made him have goosebumps: does she know what she’s doing to me? Right then, Garth knew they had the idea to create a totally-relatable song.

Meaning Behind the Song

“What She’s Doing Now” by Garth Brooks follows a man in deep thought about what his former woman is doing now. His mind races to her whereabouts and activities. He eventually becomes frustrated at the thought that she has no idea what she’s doing to him.

He takes an evening walk in hopes of clearing his mind of the thoughts of her, yet when he goes back to lie on the bed, his mind still thinks about the woman and what she’s probably doing right now.

Check out Garth Brooks’ hit song right here.


Garth Brooks

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