April 13

Meet Luke Bryan’s Nephew and Nieces: Til, Kris, and Jordan


Luke Bryan’s nephew and nieces became his adopted children in 2014 after the death of their father, Ben Lee Cheshire, who was married to Luke’s late sister Kelly. It was an overnight change that really challenged Luke and his wife Caroline Boyer, especially since all of them were in their teens while their biological kids Bo and Tate are only 6 and 4 years old at that time. 

Nevertheless, the two took the challenge with open arms, focusing on just trying to help out their three amazing nieces and nephew named Jordan, Kris, and Til. Let’s meet them and get to know more about the additions to the Bryan family. 

Jordan Cheshire

Jordan is the eldest of the now expanded family of Luke Bryan. She was born on April 7, 1995. When her dad sadly passed away in 2014, Jordan was only 24 years old and attending college at the University of Georgia. Jordan loves the waters with proof of many beach photos on her Instagram, and she also loves to spend time with family and friends. 

The now 26-year-old brunette beauty is now engaged to her longtime boyfriend Clint, which Jordan announced in an Instagram post last December 2020. And this coming May 22, 2021, the couple will be tying the knot at The Coach House in Albany, Georgia. 

Kris Cheshire

Kris is the middle child of the Cheshire family and the second eldest in the expanded family of Luke Bryan. Like her sister, Kris enjoys a lot of beach and hangouts with family and friends. She was 16 when Luke and Caroline took them in and later on went to The University of Alabama for college. 

She is also pretty much in love with her longtime boyfriend Cameron which she always features on her Instagram, and to her snuggle buddies which she has a dedicated Instagram highlight. 

Tilden Cheshire

Til is the youngest of the Cheshires and the eldest male in the Bryan family. This handsome man who recently moved to Georgia for college was born on November 6, 2001. He loves playing with his younger brothers Bo and Tate back in the house, teaching them baseball and other sports. He also enjoys good time with his uncle and cousins through fishing and hunting. 

Til is currently enjoying life with his girlfriend Chloe, going through different adventures together as seen on his Instagram. 

In just one night, Luke Bryan’s kids got three additional siblings, and the family of four expanded to become a family of seven. Now, Luke Bryan’s nephew and nieces are living their lives. You can follow them on their individual Instagram pages to get the latest updates. 


Luke Bryan

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