December 18

WATCH: Andrew Jannakos ‘Gone Too Soon’ MV Finally Out

Whether you know him from TikTok or as Adam Levine’s team member during the Voice Season 16, or as a rising country singer, Andrew Jannakos ought to bring some excitement as he officially released his first-ever music video just this Friday, December 11 for his ‘Gone Too Soon’ single. And with his fans curious about his activities on his several platforms, he made things more exciting by posting behind-the-scenes photos from the set.

Unscripted Emotions

The MV was produced through the combined efforts of Twilight TV’s Matt Houser, Jannakos himself, and the filming company in charge of the set. The shoot was directed by Justin Key and for the location, they didn’t go far away. They just picked historical landmarks in downtown Nashville. The casts, however, are real people with real stories to tell. They featured three couples who were first dating, while the second and third were married. It was the director’s choice to add in the set to further emphasized the emotions highlighted through the song’s lyrics.

Andrew Jannakos’ success with ‘Gone Too Soon’ began in July as his now-wife Katie Jannakos shared a clip online of him singing the song while cooking dinner. The clip then hoarded views, and the song got released officially. Because of this, Jannakos got a debut rank of #1 on Billboard’s Emerging Artist chart and his song hit #12 in the Hot Country Songs chart with a special bonus of placing somewhere on top 100 of Hot 100.

Receiving His Musical Break

He was originally a contender in The Voice season 16 under Adam Levine’s team and got eliminated in one of the season’s battle rounds. This event was only possible because of the random open mic performance he joined in few years prior that convinced him to go get a living from music. It was dire, but it’s what placed him on these stakes today.

For the video, Jannakos stated during the press release that they intend to connect with people, that they’re free to express their love towards someone in their unique way.

As for his career in county music, TikTok will no longer be his only platform of expression as he signed paper works with Sony Music recently this November. Expect to see more releases and music from him these upcoming years.


Andrew Jannakos

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