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July 25, 2021


July 25, 2021


July 25, 2021

Walker Hayes and wife Laney Beville Hayes’ love story has stood the test of time. The couple met way back in elementary, fell in love in high school, broke up, got back together, and now they’re married for 17 years with 6 adorable kids. And through all the ups and downs in his career (and their life), Laney has been Walker’s stronghold. She was someone who believed in his gifts and talents beyond his own faith in them. 

So, let’s go back to the day they first met, get to know more about the woman behind Walker Hayes’ success (and his songs), and see the life they have built together. 

First Chapter: “Don’t Let Her”

Walker Hayes and his wife Laney Beville were friends long before sparks flew in between. They first met back when they were in elementary – and of course, there was a class picture to commemorate that year. 

Fast forward to high school. 

Hayes was 17 at the time; the couple went to a monster truck show and then went to a construction site after that for their very first date. Then they realized that someone had left the keys to a genie – an equipment that lifts very high into the sky and then comes down, which Hayes described as an ‘accordion on wheels.’ Without any hesitation, they jumped inside, shot the genie up, and then chatted. 

And for him, it was very unique. At 17, he liked music, sports, and just being a vandal, and he couldn’t believe that he was sitting with a girl. He couldn’t even remember what they talked about – just that they talked for hours. And that was the start.

But unknown to many, the couple actually broke up for nine to ten months after they graduated college. Being with each other since they were kids, the breakup felt almost like a divorce. They didn’t see each other at all, and Hayes was seeing another person at the time. He tried to trick himself that he had already moved on from her. He even plotted saying, ‘hey, good to see you, good luck with your life, you look great’ when he runs into her at a mutual friend’s wedding. 

But instead of saying that, he felt nauseous when he saw her. And that was the time that he knew that his feelings for her had never changed, even during those long months that they were apart. And it looked like Laney felt the same. It only took around six to seven weeks before the couple got engaged. 

Looking back, Hayes thinks that the almost a year apart allowed them to grow individually and also feel certain about how they truly felt for each other. And of course, as a country music singer, he translated this love into words. In 2019, he released an emotional love letter titled “Don’t Let Her,” one of Walker Hayes songs that truly defined him as an artist. 

Second Chapter: The Move to Nashville

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Although Hayes loved music, he didn’t really look at it as a career. In fact, he was planning to build up a career in real estate just like his father. But things turned out differently as he thought and he ended up officially pursuing music. He then called Laney up and asked her to move with him to Nashville. 

The two exchanged vows on June 12, 2004 and after that, everything was smooth sailing until it wasn’t. One moment he was so hot, and everyone wanted to collaborate with him, and the next thing he knew, no one would even return his phone calls. He lost his record deal, and he had no plan B. 

He went to work at Costco to support his family, but he kept on writing. And Laney didn’t even once tell him to stop. She believed in him and she always saw the best in him. It was tough, but they made it through. Hayes got his second chance, and this time, it held on. 

Who is Walker Hayes’ wife, Laney Beville Hayes?

Walker Hayes has always been a proud husband of Laney Beville, and he has always expressed how he owes his wife the success that he now enjoys. There’s hardly any information about her but what we do know is she is the wonder mom of their six adorable kids. 

And of course, she is Walker Hayes’ number one fan and most loyal supporter. In an interview, Hayes said that everybody thought he was crazy to have six kids and chase his dream, but he told his wife that she was crazier than anybody. And that was because she married him, and she was still around for all the downs and the chaos. 

Third Chapter: Meet the Hayes Family 

According to Hayes, they had always planned to have four children, but for some reason, they just kept going. And now, Walker and Laney Beville Hayes have three boys and three girls – Lela, 15; Chapel, 13; Baylor, 11; Beckett, 9; Loxley, 7, and Everly, 5. The family was supposed to welcome another member, Oakleigh Klover, in 2018, but they lost her after Laney suffered from a uterine rupture that suffocated the baby and ultimately put her life on the line as well. 

Walker Hayes and his wife, Laney Beville Hayes (and the whole family), worked together to heal from the tragic event. Now, they spend most of their time at home just chilling and doing some TikTok dances, which Walker posts on his account. Make sure to check them out! They’re really a cool, adorable big family. 


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