March 28

George Strait Stars In A Special Super Bowl Ad For A Texas Grocery Store

Whether you’re a proud football fan or someone having difficulty telling the difference between a touchdown from a field goal, the chances are that you’re still probably throwing a party to celebrate the Super Bowl every year. Thanks to the tradition of companies bringing our favorite stars in big-budget, high-concept commercials – bending over backward just to make things even more entertaining.

Throughout the years, there have been so many incredible ads that it can already be tough to think of which ones made us laugh the loudest or impressed us the most. And the 2022 Super Bowl LVI has a new addition. One grocery store brought everyone’s favorite cowboy to star in another memorable ad – and it’s no other than George Strait, the King of Country Music, playing as a hungry cowboy, hat-clad astronaut.

Country Fans Were Treated To Quite The Surprise

The sixty-second commercial clip was for H-E-B (Here Everything’s Better), a grocery chain based out of George Strait’s home state of Texas. It kicked off with a space shuttle preparing to launch “somewhere in Texas.” Mission control was putting up with its ultimate checklist when a voice from the shuttle halted the operation.

“Hold the launch,” a man said. “We’re missing supplies.” Fans of George Strait songs were quick to recognize the voice.

All the while, grocery delivery from H-E-B arrived just right in time. The cockpit opened, and there he was, the “I Cross My Heart” singer – donning his black cowboy hat and a flight suit – sitting in the middle of two astronauts, excitedly waiting for his snacks.

“We can’t orbit on an empty stomach,” Strait defended himself as potato chip bags marked with H.E.B. stuck up from the top of his delivery.

Unfortunately, since H-E-B is a Texas chain, it’s unlikely that people living outside of Texas had the chance to see Strait’s Super Bowl ad in real-time. But don’t worry, as we’ll be sharing it with you. Play the video below to enjoy it.


George Strait

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