February 8

I Will Do It All with “For The Love Of God” by Kenny Rogers

An album that gathered many applauses and awards from Country and Christian song charts, “For The Love Of God” was recorded by Kenny Rogers for his album “The Love Of God” in 2011. Taking on a more gospel and the spiritual voyage takes a different pace that would reel in a more different audience with its breathtaking form. “For The Love Of God” was written by Gina Vera and Marty Funderburke, which gave an entirely different style from what Rogers was used to; romantic songs.

Meaning Behind The Song

Kenny Rogers’ songs are the type that pulls in the heart of their listeners.” For the love of God” is a song that shows great essence in one’s spirituality. The lyric reflects Rogers’s devotion to his faith and passion. His enthusiasm towards this is in the lines. His meaningful words are why his fans adore his music so much. Kenny Rogers‘ vocals give the raw and emotional depth that the song needs as it surrounds itself with a man who commits everything he does to the Lord’s will.

It is the desire for God’s love. If we follow the road of worship towards God, the song shows how fulfilling it will be because for a person to find inner peace is to choose spirituality. This song will give you the satisfaction you seek in terms of your devotion and spirituality while enjoying the smooth rhythms of the melody. We should take into consideration the actions we do to live a fair and just life. This song helps provide that answer. In some ways, the many meanings and messages help to understand how one’s faith shows importance. 

Listen to Kenny Rogers’ “For The Love Of God” as he sings his passion with devotion below.


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