July 26

Walker Hayes’ “Don’t Let Her” Will Take You To An Emotional Ride

Isn’t it hard to imagine living a life without your significant other? Sadly, that’s the way life goes, and you’ll never know what the next day will bring. Well, that’s actually what Walker Hayes’ “Don’t Let Her” is all about.

The heart-tugging track is one of Walker Hayes’ songs about his wife, Laney Beville Hayes – which finds him presenting a checklist of things to do and not to do, to help the next man who comes along and take his place as his wife’s husband, if he should leave this world before her.

Story Behind The Song

The idea sprung to Walker Hayes while he was out on a United Kingdom tour, a long stretch that made him badly missing his family.

As he lay awake in such a foreign country, the country star began to write all the things he adores the most about his wife and what makes her different from any other woman. He listed all her personality quirks – something that someone who would hang out with her should know. 

Then his mind shifted to what he would want for his wife, if something were to happen to him in the future. What would someone who would take his place should know?

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Hayes and Laney have been together since they were in high school – and the last thing he wants to do is to watch her be paralyzed by pain and sorrow. “I want to watch her smile, even though I’m not the one making her smile,” the singer said

So, when he came back home, he immediately brought the song to life with the help of co-writers Andrew DeRoberts and Shane McAnally.

You can listen to “Don’t Let Her” by Walker Hayes in the video below and see for yourself how the singer puts his devotion for his wife on full display.


Walker Hayes

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