February 8

The Ever Anticipated Freddy Fender “Before the Next Teardrop Falls” Album

A Texas-born singer known for his unique musical style, Freddy Fender performed in nightclubs, singing songs translated into Spanish before getting famous. However, after he released his chart-hitting album “Before the Next Teardrop Falls,” Freddy Fender’s life turned around. 

The album has already topped the country album chart. There are eleven amazing Freddy Fender tunes in total on the album. Fender wrote “I Love My Rancho Grande,” one of the album’s hit songs. He later released two other singles from the album, all of which peaked at number one on the charts, adding to how fantastic it already was.

The album peaked at No. 1 on the US Top Country Albums (Billboard) and the New Zealand Albums lists (RMNZ). The RIAA gave the album and the singles that were released gold certification. Now the album is regarded as one of the greatest albums ever released. That isn’t surprising since we’re talking about Freddy Fender, after all. 

So, if you want to listen to the Freddy Fender songs on this highly artistic album, you won’t be sorry if you listen to the tracks listed below.

  1. Roses Are Red (My Love)
  2. I’m Not a Fool Anymore 
  3. Please Don’t Tell Me How the Story Ends
  4. You Can’t Get Here from There 
  5. I Love My Rancho Grande 
  6. Wasted Days and Wasted Nights
  7. I Almost Called Your Name
  8. Before the Next Teardrop Falls
  9. The Wild Side of Life
  10. After the Fire Is Gone
  11. Then You Can Tell Me Goodbye 

We hope you’ve saved a few of Freddy Fender’s “Before the Next Teardrop Falls” album’s wonderful songs to vibe to starting today. Feel free to spread the word about this amazing album if you are someone who wants to bring a smile to everyone. 


Freddy Fender

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