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Freddy Fender

Latest Stories

Freddy Fender Before The Next Teardrop Falls

The Ever Anticipated Freddy Fender “Before the Next Teardrop Falls” Album

In 1974, Freddy Fender, one of the most iconic singers in the industry, released an excellent album called "Before the Next Teardrop Falls."

You'll lose a good thing - Freddy Fender

Check Out Freddy Fender’s “You’ll Lose A Good Thing,” An Ultimatum With A Catchy Melody

In 1975, Freddy Fender turned "You'll Lose a Good Thing" into a country hit while keeping the song's bluesy, soulful elements that made it one of the beloved tunes.

Secret Love + Freddy Fender

The Story Behind The Song “Secret Love” by Freddy Fender

Curious about the story behind the song "Secret Love" by Freddy Fender? It's more interesting than you think.

Freddy Fender Facts

Here Are Some Facts About Freddy Fender, The Hispanic Star of Country And Western

Freddy Fender is truly the embodiment of the American dream – from being a migrant worker to one of the most respected artists. Check out these facts about Fender.

Wasted days and wasted nights - Freddy Fender

Why “Wasted Days and Wasted Nights” by Freddy Fender Almost Didn’t Get Released Under His Name

Did you know that "Wasted Days and Wasted Nights" by Freddy Fender almost didn't get released under his name?

Freddy Fender Songs

The Best Freddy Fender Songs That Was Defined Largely By His Strong Latin Sensibility

Born on June 4, 1937, Freddy Fender was one of the few country music stars of Hispanic origin who rose to fame in the late 1950's. His real name is Baldemar Huerta and was born and raised in San Benito, Texas.

Freddy Fender Death

Remembering The Death Of Freddy Fender, One Of The Few Hispanic Artists To Achieve Major Success In Country Music

On October 14, 2006, Grammy-winning musician Freddy Fender died at his home in Corpus Christi, Texas. His death came after a long battle with lung cancer.