April 16

Glen Campbell on his Testimony of Faith: A Better Place

Do you know your soul’s destination once you leave planet earth? Anyway, this has been one of the debates since time immemorial. Others mentioned that the human soul will be reincarnated and the religious sect says that it will go to heaven. But regardless of our belief and religion, once we die, our soul will go to a better place. In line with this, go ahead and listen to the hit of Glen Campbell, “A Better Place.”

Glen Campbell, a better place
Photo Credits: Glen Campbell/Official Facebook Home Page

Glen Campbell and his Elusive Dream

He was born on April 22, 1936, in Delight, Arkansas. Further, he was the seventh child in the family and even if his parents are farmers, they were showered with love and care. Glen Campbell started playing the guitar at the age of four with no formal training. Campbell usually plays at fairs and church picnics. To pursue his dream as a country superstar, he often played at night clubs and he also joined his uncle’s band.

Glen Campbell, a better place
Photo Credits: Glen Campbell/Official Facebook Home Page

Luckily in 1958, Campbell’s career skyrocketed and he was able to release hit after hit. Glen Campbell was also recognized by different award-giving bodies due to his exceptional talent.  He received a Grammy Hall of Fame Award, Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award, CMA Award, and an ACM Award.

A Souls’ Destination

Sometimes, we wonder where our soul will go once we die. But through time, there are a lot of theories that were conceptualized to satisfy our curious minds. Moreover, one thing is for sure, we will all go to a better place, just like the testimony of Glen Campbell on his hit “A Better Place.” This song was released in 2011 and it was included on his album “Ghost on a Canvas.” Further, the hit can be very uplifting especially if you are struggling right now.


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