January 19

A Heartbreaking Send-Off: Glen Campbell’s “A Better Place”

The song “A Better Place” by Glen Campbell became the number 1 track on his 61st album, Ghost on the Canvas. The album, released in 2011, was intended to be the singer’s farewell album after his diagnosis with Alzheimer’s disease.

With a total of 64 albums recorded, hits after hits that placed on the charts, and awards from prestigious organizations, there is no doubt that Glen Campbell truly left with an astounding musical legacy. 

Meaning Behind the Song

“A Better Place” is one of the many Glen Campbell songs that spark emotional sense in listeners. This song is about Campbell’s exit after his diagnosis. The song almost sounds like a prayer and a poem, as Campbell believes there is always a better place to be in. 

In the music video, Campbell is playing the guitar as old pictures of him are shown. Meanwhile, the song gives a glimmer of hope; the message is that there will always be a better place for all of us. We all experienced successes and failures, wins and losses, we have lived and loved, and with all that, we know it will all pay off and be worth it.

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Sometimes, though, the world is a bit cruel to us. Things might not go our way, and we don’t get what we want, yet we feel a sigh of relief when we realize that we did everything we could. As we grow older and wiser, we realize that we only need our loved ones, the supportive people, to get through this life.

As this song reminds us, a better place will always be waiting for us. So, with that said, take a moment to listen to “A Better Place” by Glen Campbell by clicking on the video below.


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