November 11

A Peek Behind the Curtains of Sam Williams’ Tilted Crown and His Inspirations for It

Sam Williams recently shared a heart rendering music video for his song “Tilted Crown,” which brought plenty of interest to the famed musician. It is a song from his deluxe album, Glasshouse Children: Tilted Crown. 

The song portrays the acclaimed musician’s bare and defenseless self. It showcases all the highs and lows of Sam Williams‘ life, and its music video presents it from a perspective of a stage play. They shot Tilted Crown’s music video in Nashville’s Hillsboro Village at the Belcourt Theatre

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According to Williams, the song’s first verse came from a poem he wrote that ran into a dead end. He shares he felt the need to transform the poem into a musical piece. 

Williams pours out his feelings of loss in the song. In it, he shares that he feels like he was in a position of war in his life and that God kept taking from him. 

The artist adds that he thinks the song is about carrying a legacy. It’s about living life out in the best possible way, regardless of what you face in it. 

When asked about the inspiration for his Tilted Crown music video, Sam Williams says he wanted it to feel as if he was watching a play about his life. He wanted the video to show loss, pressure, and grief. However, he also wanted it to show there’s always a sliver of hope amidst it all.

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He shares that the video shows a tragedy with a silver lining. One that he hopes will inspire people to be true to their selves and overcome adversity. 

Being the heir to the legendary lineage of Hank Williams and Hank Williams Jr., Sam Williams is the latest in a long line of talented musicians. That said, he’s not doing this for the sake of tradition because he has his own style and voice. He fuses plainspoken and gut-wrenching poetics with deep empathy and raw vulnerability.  

Although the music video for the song is considered a massive tear-jerker by many, it’s definitely worth the watch. On top of that, “Tilted Crown” by Sam Williams is inspiring to listen to when you’re in a difficult place. That said, you can check the song out now by clicking here. 


Sam Williams

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